Hi, I’m Emma Nasha, the creator and editor-in-chief of Epic Hubs Pro.

I created this blog as a way of pulling myself out of a depression. I'm professional blogger from LA, United States.

I love to write about relationships, health, fashion and everything related to lifestyle. After spending a decade as a struggling stand-up comedian, I ended up in a very dark place and stopped putting any effort into my appearance. While trying to feel like myself again I realized how much better I felt about myself, and life in general, when I took the time to put on some makeup and wear a fun outfit.  

I always try to simplify peoples life by giving minimalist solutions as far its possible. 

I love making things for other people, I love to see their reaction, their smile on their face. I’m a happy creator who loves crafts, diy projects. I explore ideas and tutorials  to make our lives beautiful with more Happy Creations.  
I realized that I needed to rediscover my love of beauty and style, and I wanted to inspire other women who may be battling there own personal demons to break out the mascara and a beauty blender and have fun creating their own look!

I realized I need to spread my inner knowledge and power to the world to motivate more girls in fact people so they could build their better life.  

I so far have written 13500 big and small posts on the topics of blogging, money-making, healthy living and green lifestyle.

After successful blogging journey of Six years now I started this blog to share with you whatever I learned during my blogging struggle and about Healthy Living, Lifestyle, Making Money, Blogging Ideas and Everything I love. 

Sometime I think I'm mad, this is one of the reason behind choosing this domain name.

I love to write about anything I see or I think. So the topic is not really limited only what I mentioned in up text.

I decided to share my blogging knowledge and skills with you because I know how difficult is to do blogging without much knowledge. You need to do everything on trial and error basis. If it works, fine, otherwise search a better option. 

I decided to share my knowledge in everything to make your life happier and easier!

If you keep doing things on trial and error basis it will become your habit. You hardly take any decision exactly ever in your life. You will remain doubtful of your final decision. That is why:
 It is wiser to learn and earn together.

I'm also a contributor write of a few blog like nashas.com, onlinelivingblog.com, astartup.info, buzzincs.com, patient.infoselfreliantschool.com, calmhealthysexy.com and more.
So keep in constant touch with me here and on Facebook Twitter and Google Plus to learn every aspect of money blogging, lifestyle blogging, Healthy Living and many more. Yes money blogging if you want to make it as your hobby to profession. Else choice is yours but do keep blogging.

I’m looking at nice support from you. You can help me take this blog to take next level with valuable comments, content sharing on social networks, by covering EpicHubs on your blogs and by contributing guest posts on EpicHubs.

Thanks You

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