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6:08:00 PM

Welcome guys.
If you are here, then I'm pretty sure you are looking for some secret key to complete one or more task in our giveaways. Anyway, it's not too hard to find.
We have a list of words and numbers which you will have to collect each day or maybe once. However, we make change these words and number in every 24 hours. So you must visit this page before completing a specific task in our giveaways.

Here is your first code: BLOG17
This code changes every day, and you need it everytime you put a new daily code.

Daily code: 
1. Sunday. → Code →   Little 
2. Monday. → Code →  Turbo 
3. Tuesday.  → Code →                   Content will be visible soon
4. Wednesday.  → Code → Epic
5. Thursday.  → Code →    Wealth
6. Friday.  → Code →         Money
7. Saturday.  → Code →  Love

Please note: Every week we change these code. If you use a wrong code then all your entry will be forfeited.

Example of using the code as giveaway answer: 
If you are submitting the code for Friday then,
You should write → Money/BLOG17

Please use the right format, so that we can understand your entry. 

Thank you.

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