4 Easy Steps To Catch All SERP Features

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SEO specialists are the real superheroes of our digital era, as they must not only follow all the Google’s updates but also find a way to be the first to take advantage of them.

Getting a SERP feature is one of the most striking examples of their superpower. With our Sensor data, you can see that almost all the SERPs of any industry are riddled with SERP features.

4 Easy Steps To Catch All SERP Features
SEMrush wants to be the right hand for the forward-minded specialists and help them to be the first ones in getting all the SERP features. Here is what we’ve prepared for you:

Before planning which SERP features you want to target, you better check which of them your main competitors have already achieved. Check the Position Tracking Rankings report using advanced smart filters and save your data into your Export manager.

4 Easy Steps To Catch All SERP Features
Next, go to Keyword Magic to collect all the possible ideas for keywords that are relevant to your business and trigger the SERP features. Use handy filters to get them and send the selected keywords to Keyword Analyzer to get up-to-date metrics and SERPs.

Export all the collected keywords to the updated Position Tracking tool. You can now track them on the local level across different devices. Check which SERP features you got and which your competitors got and find out how to prioritize your ideas and which tactics to apply.

Once your SEO strategy is updated, and you’re optimizing your articles with high ranking opportunity using SEO Ideas tool, pay particular attention to those pages that trigger SERP Feature Ideas, as you most likely will get them if you follow our recommendations.

SEO Position Tracking Rankings report by SEMRush

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