Why a Man Chooses One Woman over Another

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She has a beautiful physical shape or looks attractive all around. Anyone would fall in love with her. The physical outlook & body shape is #1 Radar to upkeep attraction. This is very important, especially for females. Many women are perfect in both physical appearance and education, smart qualities. After all, this, why men choose one woman over another? What's the problem with them? Is it psychological disorderliness or the art of dirty mind? 

In this week's blog, therapist, creator, and relationship master Dr. Seth Meyers answers an inquiry he hears every now and again in his training. 

Maybe you envision that affection is strange and that what draws two individuals together is liable to the alignment of the stars in the sky. The reality, in any case, is that few variables are magnets which draw two individuals together in the first place, and the magic that binds them at last. In my training as a clinical therapist and relationship master, I can reveal to you that I hear direct every day about the components that turn on — and kill — men and women as they date looking for the correct romantic match. 

Why a Man Chooses One Woman over Another

Why a Man Chooses One Woman over Another 

One of the most widely recognized inquiries I get notification from women is, Why does a man choose one woman over another? In spite of the fact that there is nobody sentence reply, there is an answer: Men choose one woman over another for a few reasons, and they're not really ones you may anticipate. 

Sexual Compatibility 

With regards to sexual similarity, a man chooses a given woman since she meets the sexual criteria that he has for the woman in his life: He loves the way she kisses, the ways she moves, and the way she communicates. Should he be pulled into her sexually? Yes, yet he doesn't have to feel off-the-outlines sexual fascinations with a specific end goal to choose her. Given the decision between two women he is similarly pulled into, he will choose the one who is more good with him in different ways which I investigate underneath. 

Love Compatibility 

As a rule, men love to be touched. Men are frequently less sincerely expressive than women, so they feel more great interfacing with their romantic partner through physical touch. A man chooses one woman over another woman, to some degree, since he feels that she is perfect for him in the warmth department. She is someone who is physically loving; she touches him the way he gets a kick out of the chance to be touched, and she touches him with the recurrence that he gets a kick out of the chance to be moved. For instance, on the off chance that you take two women who have many of similar qualities, the man will choose the one who is all the more physically loving because he sees her be hotter, gentler, and additionally binding. 

Social Group Compatibility 

One of the key figures that go a how a man chooses one woman over another needs to do with what social gathering he trusts she fits into. Since most men have their own folks and kin whom they see at more distant family social affairs, a man needs the woman he chooses to mix well with his current family. Pictures are imperative to people, so they likewise need to feel that the woman they choose is someone they'd be pleased to acquaint with their associates at work, regardless of whether those associates are similar mechanics at a vehicle repair shop or partners at a law office. The fact of the matter is straightforward: She should fit in with his group. 

Way of life Value: Family 

Maybe the most critical way of life esteem men hold identifies with family — whether a man needs to get hitched and have kids. For a man who chooses to quit the conventional family way of life, he will choose a woman who is frank about the way that she wouldn't like to go the usual course, either. For a man who needs the conventional marriage-tyke bundle, he will choose someone who is blunt about her desire to begin a family. However, the way of life esteems men think about the most are not constrained to marriage or multiplication. 

Way of life Value: The Social Spectrum 

One of the most essential ways of life esteems a man has identified with how social he is as of now, and how social he needs to be later on. To give some specific situation, one of the central figures that causes pressure a dating relationship needs to do with how much every individual likes to go out socially, incorporating associating in bars, hanging out in gatherings, and going to sort out get-togethers. For men who aren't to a significant degree social, they will choose a woman who isn't to a great degree social, either. For men who are social, they will search for a woman who loves to paint the town red — and do as such all the time! 

Way of life Value: Traveling Independently versus Voyaging Together 

Another way of life objective that issues to men — and decides the sort of woman they'll choose to be with — needs to do with the measure of flexibility she'll give him. A decent gauge for the measure of flexibility the relationship permits is, trust it or not, voyaging. For a man who gets a kick out of the chance to go with companions all alone (regardless of whether it be a chasing trip, an excursion to Vegas with the folks, or a religious withdraw). 

He will choose a woman who permits him opportunities and acknowledges the way that he needs to keep an accurate piece of his life for himself. For men who are searching for a cherished amigo, they will choose a woman who might preferably be with him than, say, run with her sweethearts in the midst of a furlough. A woman who likes to do excessively all alone will debilitate a man who likes to do most things with his romantic partner, and these propensities are exceedingly impervious to change over time. 


As you swim through the dating waters on the way to your romantic match, remember that these components are grinding away in the choice procedure a man works through to observe the woman he needs to be with. Toward the day's end, he is searching for someone who furnishes the best fit concerning the classifications above. In spite of the fact that this formula may not appear as romantic as the unexplainable adoration dynamic we find in the films, understanding the parts these components play can make your mission to locate the correct individual a ton less demanding.

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