What makes someone successful in life? Why?

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The problem is not being successful but our instant mapping of the word success with socially acceptable definitions of success. A person is seen to be successful at multiple levels - I, we and them - levels as I call them.

I Level Definition- This is the main level. This is the state of mind. Here if one does his duty and actions. If once is happy in day to day, has a healthy body. He or he is successful. If you take this level out nothing else matters

We level definition- Here we pull the immediate relations into the status quo of being successful. A successful husband loving a successful wife, Son father/mother. Lover, parents or maybe best friends. This is a two-way traffic if you are successful here. Give and get not take. Any time there is a one-way traffic there is a failure i.e pain. Example - Reciprocated love, broken relations, broken trust.

they level definition- this is how the perceives to see me as a successful person. my job/my golf pictures/ my expensive car etc.

So my friends focus on the core definitions of success with I and We and don't think much how the society wants to see you.

the top of the priority is to be happy, that’s your right as a human being and don't let anyone or anything take that - just because someone else thinks you are not successful. It’s all in the mind.

You may challenge this theory by keeping ‘ they definition’ as fulfilled by moving ‘I and We’ - example: someone is rich, comes in media, respected but is alone, no one to share his wealth and social thoughts? Isn’t that food for thought now?

Whether you want to improve any situation or yourself. Will to find ways to improve and willingness to act on them, that is what will make anyone successful sooner or later. As long as you are moving forward, no matter what, it’s impossible to fail.

Many people are content with they way they are. They think acceptance is the only way to happiness. They think somehow constantly pursuing improvement is going to make you unhappy. They couldn’t be more wrong. Acceptance stops you from improving ever. Being obsessed with perfection leads to unhappiness, not a journey of improvement.

Having the courage to act is equally important. If you don’t act on what you believe in, all you will have are regrets and excuses. It takes courage to take the first step, but after that, it only becomes easier. However, if you don’t take the first step, longer you wait for harder it will become.

The last note, the above talks of the level and must not be seen as - thinking only about oneself or immediate family. that’s being selfish and feeding ego. It's giving various levels of definition of success. Relax and be successful every day - you deserve it as a human being.

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