20 Romantic Ideas To Enamor Your Partner (Even More)

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When a couple loves deeply but can't say or show the love, it doesn't mean they don't love enough. The feelings of love still exist there. But why don't you let your partner know how much you love him or her? How much you care him/her? 

If you are in love with someone deeply and feel like to give some surprise to add an extra layer of love, then read on. We can offer you some romantic ideas which will make your bond stronger and bring some fun into your relationship. 

20 Romantic Ideas To Enamor Your Partner (Even More)
One surefire thing is: You will get him to fall in love with you even more!

20 Really Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Melt!

"These romantic ideas will make him or her fall in love with you even more." 
1. Send a romantic letter to your partner, just as lovers did in the old days. Write it by hand, put perfume on it and send it by post.

2. Leave a small note in your portfolio to find when you get to work.

3. Plan a surprise exit. Start with a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant and then give them tickets for the concert that you both wanted to go to or for a sporting event.

4 Take a hot air balloon ride. Reaffirm your love from above. Romantic, right?

5. Fill your refrigerator with your favorite beer and the cupboard of your favorite snacks.

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6. Better yet, treat yourself to an exquisite breakfast served in bed. 

7. Give your partner a delicious massage to make him/her feel relaxed. You can help yourself to essential oils, incense, and other aromatherapy resources. 

8. Plan a weekend day to stay in bed. Buy movies DVD and order food at home. Don't let him or her think about work!

9. Make a special dinner: prepare a recipe you like, an exquisite dessert and set the table as if it were a restaurant. Music, candles ... do we need to tell you more?

10. When you get out of the bath, draw a nice message in the mirror. 

11. Make a coupon book: free massages, kisses, romantic dinners, etc.

12. Is your birthday coming? Plan a surprise party for him with his friends, his music, drinks and favorite food.

13. If you have to spend extra hours in the office, call the fast food service you like and send your partner his or her favorite dish - which you already paid in advance.

14. Buy your partner an annual subscription to a favorite magazine. Yes, even if it's Playboy.

15. Invite your partner to dinner. Flirt with him/her throughout the dinner so he/she can not contain the urge to go home with you.

16. Play your favorite video game with your partner. Instead of complaining bitterly that you do not get off the screen, sit down with him/her and ask him/her to show you how to play. Become an accomplice of his/her fun!

17. Weekly dates. Once a week, you should date with your partner. This makes your love more reliable and helps to be dependable on each other. The dating doesn't need to be expensive. Look for some way that can summon up your romance from the heart. 

18. Shower together (use bubbles!). This is for increasing intimacy. Be sure of both of you are enjoying to do this. The best time to have a shower together is a weekend. 

19. Kiss your partner slowly. You can touch his or her back & neck while kissing. It's really very romantic way to show your love. 

20. You can sing a song. You should know what your partner's favorite song is. Choose on of his list and sing it. Avoid this option if you can't sing well. The best time to sing a song for creating romance is evening or after dinner. 

I hope these 20 romantic ideas will help you to show your love, this will build a stronger bond with your partner. If you liked these ideas, please consider sharing this on SOCIAL MEDIA.

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