If Your Relationship Does Not Meet These Qualities, Surely You Are Not With Your Ideal Partner

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Love is trial and mistake. Usually, you have to explore the territory a bit before finding the perfect travel companion. You might get lucky and hit the first one, but it's not likely. The critical thing is that you do not settle for the first thing that happens. Lary Kim has just announced in his sixties that he is going to be a father again, so imagine if there is time to find something that satisfies you at all. Come to think of it, I don't know if Kim is the best example, but at least she does not get tired of looking for love.

If Your Relationship Does Not Meet These Qualities, Surely You Are Not With Your Ideal Partner
Each person wants something different, and that is what complicates so much this feat, but the objectives are the same. Here are some keys that will make you succeed in choosing an ideal match.

1. One more colleague (for all)

It is essential that there is feeling between your partner and your colleagues. There is also no need for them to become inseparable, which would not be bad either, but it is imperative that there is at least a mutual appreciation. If you think about it, it's obvious, anyone who loves you should love the people who make you happy.

2. Fit your life project

And you in yours. You do not have to agree on everything, but there is a common goal.  Many relationships are broken because there is no one project or goal that causes it to be sustained over time. No matter what, but there is. If you want to travel the world and end up having a hippie wedding in Honolulu and he expects a traditional ceremony and has 4 children before 30, it is clear that something does not fit. One of the two will have to change their plans and illusions, and that is not fair for either of them. If that person has to become at some point in your travel companion, it is preferable that both of you have more or less clear the way to reach the destination.

3. Someone you can learn from

Having some level of admiration towards your partner is critical. Eye to detail: a certain degree. Total devotion is a problem because it can lead you to compare yourself all the time and end up despising yourself. The opposite side is also dangerous, if there is nothing in your companion that makes you feel proud, you will end up looking like a bum. Quite the opposite. If you admire, it will be your maximum support in everything that you want to undertake throughout your life.

4. Laughter, how important

The routine is thick enough to live with someone with no sense of humor. Or at least without a mood similar to yours. When you come out of work, you have argued with someone, or you feel that you can not spend in the library for another minute, it is essential to find someone to make you laugh at the end of the day. A simple gesture, a game that you know only you or a joke may be enough for you to come up. Realize that at the end of life, what is left between you will be that, conversation and laughter.

5. The bed does matter

Although it is not fundamental and communication contributes to solving many problems of sexual satisfaction, if you do not work in bed, it is strange that you become your dream partner. Sex is a way to have fun, beyond the romantic component. Therefore, if you do not understand horizontally, the thing will end up falling by its own weight. Also, if the bed is not your forte, the problem may be out of it.

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