The Best Life Lessons We Learned From Mom

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Happy Mother's Day to all moms around the world. Every year, on this day I tried to learn something from mothers and try to put them into my blog post. We learn greatest life lessons from our parents during childhood. Even they have things to teach us at out 30 or 50 and even more.

The best life lessons we learned from mom

There is no better teacher than Mom, and these life lessons will always accompany us to make us better people.

Having Mom by our side is definitely a great gift and even though we are not girls we always need their advice to feel better.

The Best Life Lessons We Learned From Mom
In addition, we can not deny that thanks to the life lessons taught us by mom we are better people. For that reason we list (to mention some) the teachings that transformed us as women and that will always accompany us:

Go ahead

No matter what happens, Mom taught us to wipe away tears at the worst times, rise from defeats and move on. She taught us that obstacles exist, but that we are strong enough to overcome them, and if we faint, we know that she will always be there to help us.

To be patient

This is another great life lesson we learned from Mom. Who said it was easy to take care of a baby? What if we talk about adolescence? Our first boyfriend? There is no doubt that patience is a great power of moms, who despite the storms that involve the children are always there to give us the best of themselves.

Let's cook

Thanks to her revealing her best cooking secrets, we can now eat more than 'fast food', we can invite our friends to a delicious brunch and even conquer that particular person. Of course, we still have a lot to do like them!

Follow your dreams

Moms are the best cheerleaders (although sometimes they bear us) and always encourage us to fight for our dreams. They are the first to rely on our decisions, however far-fetched they may seem. Do you remember when you wanted to be a dancer? When did you apply for your first job? I assure you, she never doubted you would make it.

That unconditional love does exist

There is no other person in the world who loves us as much as Mom. No matter what happens, she will always see us with those eyes of tenderness, even in those moments when we come to hurt them by our behaviors or answers. 

Unconditional love does exist, because she is happy if we live the best time of our life, because she suffers with every tear that we shed, because she will always be on our side of the good and the bad.

Now your turn!
What is a life lesson your mom taught you that only a mother could ever teach?

I wish you Happiest Mother's Day ahead. 

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