13 Signs He Really Loves You Without Saying It

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For women, saying “I love you” is the major sign of starting a serious relationship. However, for most guys, expressing how they feel is not as easy as it is for girls. It doesn’t mean though that the feeling is not mutual. He might just be showing it in other ways. If you know how to spot these subtle signs, you’ll definitely feel assured even if he doesn’t tell you “I love you” as much as you’d want him to.

13 Signs He Really Loves You Without Saying It
1. The way he kisses you.

Passionate long kisses are one of the signs that he is smitten by you, especially if he’s the one who regularly starts it. And after your kiss, check out if he’s grinning from ear to ear. A kiss can be enjoyable, but when he’s in love you can see a different positive glow from him, and it will undeniably show in his smile after you smooth.

2. He likes being close to you.

When you’re out in public, he will sit and stand close to you to give the impression that the two of you are together. He may even wrap his arms around you and reach out for your hand and squeeze it.

3. He listens intently to you.

Guys usually zone out when girls talk, but a man who is in love will hang on to your every word. He’ll show signs that he is listening, like leaning closely to you, nod in agreement when you make clear points and even give his two cents on the matter when he thinks that it’s needed.

4. He values your presence in his life.

Even if you don’t ask him to, he will keep you informed about what is happening with him and his immediate plans. And when he’s about to make a major decision or he is bothered by an issue, he will ask for your opinion and discuss it with you first, before taking the next step.

5. He’s detail-oriented when it comes to you.

He remembers the things that are important to you, such as special dates or events that matter. He’ll also take note of the things that you like so he can surprise you with them and avoid doing things that you don’t like.

6. He wants to look good for you.

He wants to take care of how he looks like so he’ll remain attractive in your eyes. And when you’re near him, take note of his posture. Most likely he’ll sit or stand straight instead of slouching because he wants to look impressive.

7. He makes an effort.

Be it by dressing nicely, being extra nice to your friends or spending the time to help you out in your grocery, a guy who is in love with you will go the extra mile. The natural ways of doing little things that matter to you are one way for him to express his feelings.

8. He finds ways to communicate with you.

He might call you or send you a random text in the middle of the day just because. A smitten guy will always check on you and wants you to know that he’s thinking of you the entire day.

9. He gives meaningful gifts.

They may not be the most expensive or the sweetest gifts, but a guy in love will give you things that he thinks you need or something that suits your personality. He’ll put in a lot of effort, so his gifts will remind you of him when you use them.

10. He includes you in his plans

Whether he’s going on a weekend trip or talking about where to travel next year, his starts by saying “We’re going to…” or “You and I are going to…”. If he’s head over heels in love with you, he’ll let you know that you have a place in his future.

11. He can’t stay mad for a long time.

If you’re in a fight, it will be hard for him to keep being mad at you for more than a day. Even if he’s hurt, he will take the initiative to say sorry or accept your apology because your feelings are more important than his ego.

12. He’s on your team.

If things go awry, he’ll stand up for you to support you or protect you from people who might say mean things about you. And if you’re in the wrong, he’ll talk to you privately about it but will never say anything in public.

13. He’s not afraid to share his feelings with you and be vulnerable.

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