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Just as low self-esteem slows down your personal life, it is holding back and giving problems to your relationship.

A couple relationship is built on the love and attraction between two people. But what happens when one, or both, arrive at that construction with a profound emotional wound that is that of a low self-esteem?

  • Instead of peace, there will be restlessness.
  • Instead of trust, there will be insecurity.
  • Instead of love, there will be high anxiety and the certainty of being abandoned at any moment.

As in the person, a low self-esteem can lead to bottoming out any relationship.

In an article published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Dr. Murray says that self- esteem not only determines how a person perceives himself but also impacts expectations about a couple and affects the course Of a relationship.

Choking the relationship

  • The person with low self-esteem always seeks affirmation of the love that their partner "claims to have".
  • They make the relationship their primary source of acceptance.
  • They are often very emotionally fragile, and all disagreements take it as a personal attack.

Disintegrate confidence

  • They look for constant signs of deceit or dislike even in the smallest gestures.
  • If they feel that their partner is not yet in the relationship, then something appalling must be happening.
  • It blocks the ability to help.

Faced with a problem

  • What the couple does: Resize the problem "look, have a solution."
  • What the low self-esteem perceives: He thinks I'm an imbecile because I make a fuss over nothing.
  • What the couple does: It points out to us our resources "you have always been very perseverant, sure you solve."
  • What the low self-esteem perceives: It lies. That tells me because he loves me, but deep down he knows that I always water it in everything.

We must remember that not all problems of couple arise from the relationship of the couple. Many of these problems are derived from past wounds, such as low self-esteem, that creep into the relationship by contaminating it.

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