12 Ways to Get Rich Easily & Achieve Happiness

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Does wealth bring happiness? Not always, say researchers. But who would not want to try it for once? David Weilerberg gives us some tips on how to get money fast.

Happiness researchers agree that wealth makes us selfish, lonely, and susceptible to depression. This follows from Bas Kast's book The Risk of Wealth, a thesis confirmed by the Max Plank Research Institute in the History of Humanity, which clarifies that unemployment and poverty also reduce happiness.

Twelve Ways to Get Rich Easily
However, surely many would be willing to take that risk after reading David Weilerberg's book How to Get Rich Easily. A dozen entirely proper methods that the author analyzed based on experiences collected and summarized here for our users.

1. To the mine! 

When you are not born with a star, you will have to look for it anywhere. For example, digging. And instead of looking for diamonds and gold, whose extraction and markets are overcontrolled, better to look for other gemstones like tourmaline. David Weilerberg worked for days between miners and explosions. A great adventure, which is far from being able to get rich with precious stones.

2. On the platform. 

Black gold promises film salaries. Above all, for qualified experts who do not care about small cabins and long distances. Also, the wind is the new oil. But despite being a good salary, it requires a lot of work, and it will be difficult to get rich with it.

3. Treasure Seekers. 

There are treasures of great value in forests, fields, caverns, lakes and oceans. That is known even to the little ones. But you also have to know how to find them and, generally, it is illegal if you are not an archaeologist. Only legal search on the beach is allowed. Or is it perhaps more promising to seek treasures offshore? Neither, since this activity is much more expensive and requires licenses. Also, it would be difficult to legally sell everything found.

4. Play the lottery. 

No one would say it, but of all the ideas analyzed, the one that is less likely to have is probably the most effective.
5- Gambling. Luxury trips, gold bullion, cars or money ... Who does not like to participate in contests, memory games or win with a click on the internet? These activities are particularly beneficial to the mail, in the case of analog games and for data collectors, regarding digital games.
Win contest. Nice try! Each day 10,000 candidates are presented to participate in 'Who wants to be a millionaire?'. Among those chosen, the casting failure rate is enormous and, in the end, the probability of sitting as a contestant is only 70,000.

7. Poker. 

Poker players require high intelligence and are really efficient workers. Also, when the prize promised by online gaming portals is great, they sacrifice and spend Sunday alone while others enjoy the barbecue with friends and family. In the end, sleepless nights and constant stress ... which also do not guarantee the prize.

8. Sports betting. 

This is exciting! Above all, it is important to know the matter when you bet on Korean women's soccer teams. Because in cases like this, the chance is probably part of the organizer of the bet.
9- Speculation. As in sports betting, banking always wins. As a stockbroker, you first need a lot of time and money, know the parquet very well and have a great experience in statistics to merely get close to those who make money. That is a future project.

10. Real estate. 

It is true that this sector earns money. Especially in the sale. If you have houses to sell in the big city, do not want to have vacations, do not want to be appreciated as a citizen and have a wide margin of tolerance in the face of frustration, you can earn money as a real estate agent. But ... was not it also about happiness?

11. Star Youtuber. 

Le Floy, Y-Titty Gronk, and others have succeeded. News comments, make-up tips, comedy or videos ... Anything goes to capture the audience of millions of the thirties and earn money with publicity per click. Depending on the visits, lots of money and no need for previous knowledge. However, it is always necessary the advice of specific companies, which charge money for distributing them in their networks.

12. Emigrate. 

The recipe for success: go out and succeed. Arrive on time, fail and have the means to become smarter and start over. And of course: saving, quality, and seriousness. Although with these skills ... would not it have been more comfortable making money at home?

In these masterpieces published by David Weilerberg on how to earn money without training, language skills and hard work there are several reports worthy of mention and much research. Probably because the publisher did not want to print it at first and had to make up it to boost the sale.

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