Live Slowly, Reconsider Ways Of Resolving Conflicts

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Life is fun, sad, trouble with the conflicts that we can not face not solve. Depending on the age and sex different ways to resolve conflicts will be different.

Women and men from birth have been educated differently. For example, women are taught to be feminine, soft, and men are taught to be masculine and not sweet. There are cases where women can use tears to solve problems, but people are not allowed to do so. 

Live slowly, reconsider ways of resolving conflict
Although the equality of men and females is not equal, we can not deny the strengths and weaknesses, disadvantages and advantages of both sexes. So there must be a difference in how to deal with women and between women and men.

How to resolve the conflict between women together

Usually, women are often jealous, jealous of the "life" reasons. Such as she is prettier than her other, she is slightly better, more sophisticated and personality than her, there are people Love handsome, successful, and then she has a stable job, income is quite wealthy and owns a relatively comfortable life, many people admire. If you look at life with a pair Eyes looking up to learn, to strive is okay, but there are some people, or even us at certain times, though measured and envious still happens, sometimes too "too" This makes some situations difficult to control, resulting in conflict. 

Light from the thought of face, not comfortable, substantial lead to small action, catching the enemy and show a lack of courtesy, then lead to act judge each other and say bad behind. Called contradictions one can not sympathize with the other person's thoughts and actions because they do not understand each other and/or intentionally do not understand each other.

Surely no one will be happy and satisfied when conflicts and divisions grow apart over the years that are not solved, especially when they and they meet each other every day, always related to each other in work. Keeping contradiction in the heart does not bring comfort to both. Sometimes we have to make ourselves the first to ask for a conversation to solve the problems between the two. Even a gentle smile, when meeting, or go out to eat lunch together, is also enough signals to make the enemy feel goodwill. However, any relationship requires openness on both sides. Only if you want to solve a conflict that they do not want is hard. If you encounter such a bad situation, then you can assert yourself that you have done your best and that he is not worth your attention. You also do not need to hate them for balance, just common courtesy is enough to make you become a smart girl to be respected.

How to solve the conflict between women and men

When males and females have conflicts, women are always armed to surrender to people. The tenderness, lust, and ingenuity of any girl can be enough to knock a man down. If he is too "cold" and "stiff" then "Tears" is the ultimate weapon, dangerous and privileged of all sisters. "sweetSoft tied tied, soft and smooth" should be used smoothly and flexibly. Men are just big children, always want to get stroked, coax, promote and praise. If you are a beautiful woman, caring for yourself is even better. Women who are born by default are feminine, soft and tender, so there is no reason why women can not or do not know how to skillfully apply these traits to resolve conflicts. With men in work, life, and love.

They are real men and are taught kindly. When I analyze the matter always try to look at two sides of a problem. There is still patriarchal paternity cure of the old and the idea of women too dangerous in their eyes, women are too delicate willow silk, was born only to obey and listen to orders man. Contradiction, if you become a girl "call, yes" OK, there is no contradiction. Which modern women do you want to be like dolls or mobile vases with empty heads? Intelligent women are not toys for men's "friends" who think musically, always carrying their small and selfish thoughts. A good person is a courageous man who dares to acknowledge his shortcomings in his actions, his career direction, and respect for the people around him.

Choose your friend wisely

If I know what your friend is like, I will tell you what kind of person you are. Then we should not "choose you to play" because "near the black ink, near the lamp is bright" Is it We are the person who will decide how we choose you to like, both men and women. Therefore, the degree of contradiction, if any, will not be too troublesome, and the way to resolve conflicts will also be civilized, showing sympathy, understanding, and maturity. Living environment and education are critical. Although all conflicts are resolved, to reduce the unnecessary pressure, in the process of career orientation or place of life, women are a little bit hard at the decisions of the selection of the village. God.

Tolerance will be exponential when we grow up because we have many experiences

Adults are always selfless and calm. Maturity does not depend solely on age, but rather the level of your experience with life, with people, and with society. When we reach the necessary level of calm, every contradiction is no longer a contradiction; it is just a story in a myriad of life's stories.

In short, the conflict resolutions I want to send to you are:

  • Choose your play, choose a healthy environment that works and studies.
  • When there is a conflict, talk to the person to find a common language.
  • Conflict is resolved only when both sides endeavor and want to address.
  • It is best to avoid clashing and discussing topics that both have strong opposing views.
  • Live slowly, reconsider ways of resolving conflict in the past or those around you, learn from experience to have wiser solutions in the present and in the future.

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