If You Want To Get Rich, Quit Thinking Like a Middle Class

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Who does not want to get rich? Everyone would probably enjoy extra money for a little luxury and the comfort of not having to worry about finances again. If you think that being wealthy is something that is only exclusive for the lucky few, then you are setting yourself up for failure. You're the one who's limiting yourself from becoming actually rich.

As the rich get richer, it is worth noting that the bulk of resources is also in the hands of a minuscule population.

If You want to get rich quit thinking like a middle class
So what is it that defines why these few “make it” while the rest of us sweat it in out in the daily rat race?  Well, it may be a lot easier to figure out than you think…. and it’s not just all about bringing home the biggest paycheck which is the good news.

Here are a few key things that separate the mindset of the well off from the middle class:

Living Above Your Means vs. Below 

Did you know that rich people are walking around that you are not even aware of because they don’t “flash” their wealth?  That’s right, those with money don’t waste it on things that depreciate like brand new cars (even if they can technically afford it).   Generally, they spend their money on appreciating assets, and they live below their means.

The middle class?  Not so much.  Many have credit cards maxed to the hilt in pursuit of the latest consumer products.  Remember, if you earn $500,000/year and you spend it all, you’ve still got no money to show for it.  Which brings us to the next point… 
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Having Stuff vs. Having Money

Did you know Warren Buffet still lives in the same home he bought in 1958 for $31,000?  It’s genuine and maybe a bit of an extreme example, but let’s face it… most middle-class neighborhoods are covered in signs of excess spending from fancy cars to landscaping, etc.

Rich people know real wealth is all about the cash… not the flash and are also interested in investing because they know it is not all about saving money.

Work Ethic

It’s comfortable to work a “safe” job and depend on someone else for your paycheck, and most middle-class people think this is happiness but the reality is that only risk and even failure will get you above the crowd in a real way and in line with the potential to make real money.

That being said, the middle class tend to work for someone else, the rich tend to own their own business. Rich folks also know the power of passive income and know that more people working for them mean more money.

Choosing Friends

Did you know that there is a saying that the average of the salaries of your three closest friends will be your income?  Makes sense though does it not?
Rich people don’t just hang with anyone, they choose their friends wisely knowing that these powerful alliances rub off considerably consciously and subconsciously.
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Work to Learn

The middle class is quickly persuaded to change jobs when someone offers more money because it’s all ABOUT the money, but rich folks realize sometimes it’s about other things gained too…like skills. Skills may not be instant gratification, but we are looking at long term success and patience is often key.

Money: Emotional vs. Logical Approach 

Making irrational, financial decisions will ruin your finances.   They are what cause people to buy high and sell low.  Use logic.  Even Warren Buffet himself said that investing has much more to do with controlling your emotions than it has to do with money.

In a society so run by “feelings” this advice can be challenging, but studies have shown that the rich really do keep logic at the forefront of business decisions.


We all generally set goals. However, the middle class set overall goals that are not super challenging while the wealthy tend to shoot for the stars. So, when you’re setting your goals, challenge yourself. Could I dream bigger?

The Glorification of Hard Work

Hard work is needed no matter what you do and admirable to some extent.  But that alone will rarely make you rich, and you can’t become rich by doing it all yourself.  Rich people know its leveraging resources and investing that is truly the key to making the most out of things so that time can be freed up for the most important and productive uses of time.

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