5 Mistakes to Avoid in Business

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Start-ups are mainly faced with the need to obtain funding, to hire, to differentiate themselves from competitors struggling for market share and advertising. Potential rewards are enormous, but first, you have to make a dent. During the start-up of the business, it is normal for the entrepreneur to make a series of mistakes, but some mistakes are fundamental and generally the same regardless of the nature of the firm. 

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Business
Over time you realize that learning from the mistakes and experience of others, avoiding making the same mistakes, is a much smarter strategy than working from the model trial and error permanently.

However, the possibility of making mistakes can not throw you back in your business venture, even if you think you do not have the basic training to "look for your life", in a traditional business as on-line. there are alternative ways to form Apart from those masters in business schools of high prices, a good alternative to this would be for example courses totally free and with digital diploma an accrediting certificate.

The mistakes you should avoid are:

1) Know how to choose well with whom to start a business venture: 

Agree to enter the business with a friend or family member without taking the time to know their skills and work method is by far the biggest mistake you can Commit when you start a business. In the rush and excitement of starting a new business, it's hard to imagine something going wrong, however, if you've made a poor choice, it will not be long until you realize it. The best way to avoid this kind of mistake is to start slower, tame the emotion and impatience and take the time to get to know each other. Doing some pilot projects together before is one of the best steps you can take.

2) Staying true to the vision: 

You should never lose touch with your core values and the main reason you got into business, you should never let your vision get carried away by things you can not control, or try to pull out Forward business in which you have no experience

3) Determine your target market and what your needs are: 

Starting a business based on what I want and not what my customers want is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting any business venture. We must look at what our clients want and how we can use our skills and strengths to fulfill their desires.

4) Focus on the right activities: 

The 80/20 norm (also called the Pareto principle). It helped me understand that in life about 80% of your results are generated from 20% of your efforts in the business Do not waste time focusing on small activities. My advice is to write down a list of all the tasks and the results of those tasks for which you are responsible and then ask yourself which of these tasks you feel most comfortable and adds more value to your business and you will quickly see how to get the best results Of their efforts. Here some information about sectors of the future in our country 

5) The importance of delegating: 

The biggest mistake you can make is to do everything yourself, from the administrative tasks to arranging meetings with clients, the attention to the public, etc. This leaves microscopic time to create a constant cash flow.

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