20 Simple Ways to Show Love

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You got a minute? Improve your marriage! Here are 20 ways to let your spouse know how important it is for you.

It'd be good to have great gestures every day to show your spouse how important it is to you. However, our hectic lives often stand in our way. Do not let the lack of time distract you in your efforts to keep the romance alive. 

20 Simple Ways to Show Love
Here are 20 simple ways to show your spouse that you are still the most important person in your world.

  1. Write "I love you" on the mirror steam in the bathroom.
  2. Place a small note of love on the steering wheel of the car.
  3. Buy her favorite chocolate the next time you fill the car with fuel.
  4. Let him choose the TV show they would like to see together.
  5. Prepare your favorite dinner.
  6. Give her a big hug when she leaves the house to work.
  7. Send her a loving text message.
  8. Take a flower from the garden and place it on the pillow.
  9. Entertain the children while your spouse takes a carefree shower.
  10. Send him an email during the day.
  11. Observe a sincere compliment.
  12. Massage your back at the end of the day.
  13. Leave notes around the house saying things that you love about your partner.
  14. Let him sleep a little later on the weekend.
  15. Write a letter and send it by mail.
  16. Pray for your spouse.
  17. Take care of doing a homework usually done by your partner.
  18. He takes his hand as they walk towards the store.
  19. Turn off the TV and ask about your day.
  20. Listen to a song and dance with your partner in the living room.
It is easy to strengthen your marriage little by little every day. Regardless of whether you have one or two minutes, take time during the day to show your love. Probably your spouse will be surprised at first. However, the first step can change the whole environment of your home. Soon you will realize that these little gestures of love will become habits for both you and your spouse.

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