You have everything You thought You wanted, and still you're not happy

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You have a great job, a loving spouse, a family and friends who love you and the goals you propose you get, but that is not enough because you have everything but still are not happy.

Some people apparently believe that they have achieved everything, at least those things that they longed for, but they are not satisfied, and that is because inside they have a vacuum that prevents them from living fully, "says Joaquín Gomez a psychologist and intelligence specialist emotional.

You have everything You thought You wanted, and still you're not happy
Why does this happen?

The specialist shares some reasons why you have everything, but you are not happy.

You do not know who you are or what you want

 It is vital to have a self-knowledge to detect the beliefs that are paralyzing you, your values, the fears that stop you and know what you really want. Take time, make a list of all your qualities and defects and accept them. The important thing is, to be honest, and stop in those failures that you can improve.

Let life and others decide for you

 You live according to what your environment or others have decided for you to not have it clear and have not chosen it yourself. Start putting limits with the people around you, you can start with learning to say "no."

You still live in the past

 It is time to move forward and illuminate your present. Nothing you did or did not do is going to return, better focus on your present and the excellent opportunities you can give if you want to see it. 

Do not appreciate or thank 

When was the last time you looked around? When do you give thanks for being healthy, for having one more day of life? Start today, in each small action, to value what you have (whether much or little).

If you identified with any of these points above, remember that it is never late to make internal changes; Little by little you will notice that your environment will change and that you, at last, will be satisfied with everything that you do.

Editors Note:
We are constantly being bombarded with the question, "Are you happy?" or "If I could be happy enough...." It seems that now one has to be comfortable at all times. And it appears to be that to achieve this, one has to find oneself. 
Have you ever looked? And if you have looked, have you found yourself? What's more, did you feel lost before someone suggested to you that maybe you were? 

I really don't have the time, neither to look for me nor to find me. Much less, to lose myself. When I like something, I just keep up myself. 

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