Why Do Men Deceive Their Wives?

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Here's an interesting question: Why does a man cheat on his wife or girlfriend?

Anyway, men are all bastards.

They deceive us as soon as they want to, and we find ourselves stupid and amorous, unable to resolve to break with him who has no scruples in going to see another woman. Well, let's be realistic, there are also many women who deceive their husbands.

Why Do Men Deceive Their Wives?
Then, a trait of the human character or pure vengeance of women against these selfish men who seek only their pleasure?

To deceive his wife, does not mean to no longer love him

There are those who deceive you the very next day and those who deceive you after years of ordinary life. In both cases, this does not necessarily mean that your man is a complete asshole (but of course you can think it very loud when you learn the new one, we all did).

In the first case, this may just mean that he's just a little afraid of engaging with you. Little credible I know, but for a lived experience, I confess that it is possible (men are also sometimes a little twisted as they can tell us).

The second case is usually the most common: years of collective life, to make love to you and you alone. Perhaps without realizing it, you both fell into a particular sexual routine, and you lost the intense pleasure you get from an excellent relationship in an unusual place. And there are not many people who like it.

Maybe before you deceived you-you did not realize that: life at work intense and exhausting house life, between all that it is common for sex to pass to the trapdoor. Because of this your husband surely has to have a pure sexual envy, any beast, which in no way refutes his love for you.

This is tough to accept but take a little time, relax and watch: do not you also sometimes have a desire for another man, crossed at work or in public transport? And yet you love your husband, it then just wants, a desire for sex that takes you.

This does not in any way excuse the act but allows you to understand it and know that your man did not necessarily deceive you because he no longer loves you. Of course yes because there is a difference between a man who cheats you once, like that and a man who cheats you regularly.

If one can understand, but hardly accept, a sudden sexual desire with someone else it is harder to understand that a man who says you love him has regular relationships with other women.

To deceive, it is unavowable fantasies

Couple life, with family and work, is sometimes put aside and with, sexual life. But it can also simply become routine as we have seen. The habits are quite standard and allow us to organize, to rhythm our life and to put markers but the regular breaks everything, slowly destroys a couple.

The routine or sexual habits are bad for a couple. This may sound silly but do not be afraid to vary positions, locations, and experiences from the start. One locks oneself too quickly in the way of making love that would be morally acceptable and no longer dare.

Now you know ladies, pleasure engenders the cravings. And sometimes the needs of new things. If it is the case for us, it is also often the case with our men. But for lack of having a free or at least varied sex life at your side, your dear man may fear somehow to confess to you some fantasies.

Not that he fears you or does not trust you, only that he is afraid that you are shocked or embarrassed by some of his desires. That may already be the case for you. Over time, fantasies evolve, for each of us. Do not worry about talking to your husband. If you are concerned, speak of the joke at first and see his reaction. Make him invitations to tell you what he wants.

In short, do not deprive yourself of your sexual fantasies with your man. You will be even more tied, more accomplices than before, have as much pleasure as you please, and be at least confident that your husband will speak to you of his desires rather than go and try them with another woman.

Deceiving his wife, a desire for change?

Routine, habit... always these same words to indicate a permanent danger in a couple but also in the rest of what constitutes our life. So sometimes we get tired, we want to change. Sexually, it may be the same.

If your man cheats you once, just because he had an envy, a sexual desire for another woman, it is probably because he experienced this desire for change. It is not necessarily that he no longer loves you but be careful all the same.

It may be only temporary, but it can also be the announcement of a bigger change. It is often said that around the age of 40, men want an extra-marital adventure, leave their work, etc. It is the crisis of quarantine that we also know. Without trying to psychoanalyze your man, at least try to find out if he is actually happy in the life he leads and if you can not do anything for it to work out.

Apparently, this already supposes to forgive him the fact of having deceived you. How to succeed in doing this? This is not simple and depends on the sensitivity of each and the collective past of your couple. If it's the first time he's cheating on you and you really like him, try giving him a second chance. On the other hand, if he starts again but says you like anyway, do as you like but do not let him take you for a fool.

A trait not necessarily masculine

Maybe men also ask, "  Why do women deceive their husbands?  " Indeed, it is not unusual that we also have extra-marital adventures. Again, as with men, it is often a mere sexual envy. The desire to see what is happening elsewhere.

Perhaps we should think about it in this sense: why does a person deceive his partner? Fantasies that we do not dare to talk about want to go and find out what would happen with someone else wants sex for sex. So many reasons that men and women can feel and that can cause us to deceive our partner.

What if the best thing was to play it?

To learn that one has been deceived is painful, even humiliating at times. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid, as much as possible, that our partner feels a need or can not satisfy his desires with us.

Without saying yes to everything and without doing things that we do not want, let us speak our wishes, our imagination. Make it a habit of sharing your desires with your partner so that he can do the same. You must feel confident with each other.

If you offer him something that does not pack it, do not insist. He knows that you want it so let him think about it, maybe with time also will feel the desire. But if it works in one direction, it must work in the other: do not force yourself, take your time, respect your body and your envy.

Positions, adventures, original games: an infinite variety of possibilities are already known. It is up to you to invent yours, those that correspond to you so that your husband just as much as you do not desire. And do not feel the desire to Go see someone else to realize a fantasy, see how it happens elsewhere.

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