The Signs That a Married Man is in Love With You

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Anyone who has played the dating game knows that you can not control who you fall in love with. In turn, you have petite control over people who fall in love with you. In many cases, you may fall in love with a potential suitor and have a long and happy relationship. 

The signs that a married man is in love with you
However, an affair with a married man brings with it a group of problems and, if, at all possible, the bonds with the partner of another woman should be avoided energetically. How can you tell if a married man is really in love with you?

Are you really married?

Perhaps the most obvious thing to consider is whether the man you're dating is married. Honesty is a vital part of any relationship, and you must keep in mind whether your constant excuses are genuine or if there is an underlying current of disappointment. Do you really have to work late? Do you actually spend so much time with your friends? Can your vehicle actually get damaged on three occasions in the same week? It may be a case that your man is actually telling the truth, although a constant flow of excuses might indicate that he has more serious commitments elsewhere, possibly a woman, and his statements of love are but words.

Are you a fan?

Sadly, there are a large number of men who give the rest of the species a bad name, and their only agenda extends until you get to bed. You can already suspect or take into account the fact that the man is married, but how does he actually treat you? Do your appointments mostly take place in your bedroom or motel, or does he go out with you to spend quality time? If a married man is in love with you, he will show a genuine interest in everything about you. If your work, your friends, and your hobbies are just as important to him as they are to you, you might actually love him.


One of the most visible signs of a married man is his willingness to compromise. If you have been seeing for some time and are continually pressing you to be with him permanently, regardless of the problems they may cause in their own life, at first it may seem that he really loves you. However, some men routinely resist the possibility of leaving their comfortable family lives behind. Often, an adventure is little more than a substitute for the key aspects missing in their marriage relationship. If a man is willing to lose everything for you, his expressions of love can be true.

To be separated

How does your man behave when they are not together? Do you try to keep in constant contact with you throughout the day or receive your calls and text messages only at times when you are likely to be away from your family home? If you continually risk your wife to talk to you, then at least you are important in your mind. At least, most likely he really cares about you. However, if you make a call after a few days and permanently cancel the planned dates to see you indicate that your real priorities are other. 

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