The Mistake that Destroys the Relationships of Couple (and that we all commit)

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The error that destroys the relationships of couple (and that we all commit)

The rush is never good counselors and can be the cause of a sharp break. Be careful because when things go from 0 to 100 quickly, they go from 100 to 0 at the same speed

You fall in love, and the great butterflies come to the stomach, the nerves to meet the other person, the giggles and other things that keep you overwhelmed with feelings throughout the day. Suddenly you are able to pass from the most absolute joy to an infinite sadness in short seconds. And all for love? No, rather because your brain is high on top of hormones.

The Mistake that Destroys the Relationships of Couple (and that we all commit)
However, this initial state of ecstasy when you begin a relationship can lead to two situations: 

  1. You have found the love of your life, and you will live happily-whether or not partridges;
  2. Extrude it as you can / want, your relationship is doomed to failure.

When the second option is given one does not stop asking the eternal question: if everything seemed to be a fairy tale, what has happened to make it not work? When did we run out of love? Was it from using it or rather from the opposite? This video explains the most common mistake that (almost) we all ever commit in life and which, ladies and gentlemen, is responsible for destroying relationships.

Common or acquired objectives?

It all starts at the stage that in the video they call the drugged state derived from the potpourri of hormones that run wide through our body and make us feel, as is commonly known, intoxicated or crazy in love. You barely listen to reasons and self-convince yourself that that person is the definitive one if you have it clearer than ever!

But when we throw ourselves into the pool promising and promising things we are just circumstantially safe, it may end and wait to see when you are capable of aborting a plan like the rosary of dawn. The rush is not good counselors and making rash decisions will end in disaster when you want to realize that, in reality, this is not what you wanted and you are not even as the other person believes.

Great if you have things in common from the first moment. But beware, that the other person also thinks about having children does not mean that you have to remember the names that your future first-born will have when you have known for a month - if it arrives. Keep in mind that conforming to the tastes of someone you love is good, but with caution and while respecting your own interests and important goals. 
In fact, it is quite common to end up confusing what it is that you like to do to yourself and what are the hobbies acquired by wanting to share things with your partner. If not, stop to think: what do you do shooting a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo if, today, you still have no fucking idea of when or how an offside takes place?
'Young people who rush to share house, often are not able to handle the responsibility of living together and being totally independent'
"If we get carried away in a relationship with someone who does not have the same values as us there may be problems," says University of Virginia Professor Bradford Wilcox in Deseret News, who opines that "people should gradually go into a Relationship and meditating on themselves and the decisions they make."

A sweet condemnation 

One thing is emotional ties and other materials, which can get you lengthen a relationship that does not work for years by the pure panic to face the sharing of shared assets. "Whether it's pet, a sofa or a car in common, having shared responsibilities weakens your ability to be sober and be able to make the decision to end a relationship that you know is not right for you and you Couple at that time, "says Wilcox.

According to the professor, "couples should wait until after marriage to have this kind of long-term commitment to the other person." But it's not about marrying or living in a hurry, the important thing is to be able to wait until you have clear things before you get into eleven shirts (you end up paying in installments with payments that exceed 18 months, you're lost).

There is no exact time to measure whether or not you should be clear about whether you want to do long-term projects or to make compromises with your partner, but hurrying and gambling when we talk about feelings is not a good idea. Everything that goes up goes down, and the ratios that go from 0 to 100, as a rule, go from 100 to 0 at the same speed.    

Playing the houses: moment coexistence

For saving money on two rents when you see each other because the other person has a flat in property and invites you to share it by paying 'only the expenses.' Or because - these are also - your partner is going to live in a big city, and as you do not have the work of your life, you decide to go together to the ass of the world. There are a thousand excuses, but the truth is that in the coexistence is shown a lot and it is when you can realize that the relationship will not work, however much you have convinced.   
According to research by the Council on Contemporary Families, cohabiting young couples are especially vulnerable to separation. As Herb Scribner explains, "young people under the age of 23, who sometimes rush home to share, are often unable to handle the responsibility of living together and being totally independent."
You barely listen to reasons and you self-convoke that person is the definitive one, if you have it clearer than ever!
Much of the blame is the immaturity of one of the two members of the couple. According to Arielle Kuperburg, a professor at the University of North Carolina, "young people do not choose the right person because they are not really configured as individuals."
Not so much the real age as the mental age, the problem of playing the houses because we are encoñados when we are not people adult enough, it derives, at least, in some other home trifling that you could have saved if you had taken it calmly.

Prevent Disaster

As they say, the human being stumbles twice - when not in the same stone. So it's quite likely that if you've already gotten caught up in a relationship that seemed idyllic, at least you get another one. But perhaps you take into account the advice of the experts of PREmedia and do not take a DUI (acronyms of Decision Under Influence or what has been a hasty decision). And opt to enjoy each other without acquiring long-term commitments that the only thing that does is put pressure on both parties who are convinced that now can not be separated.

The video, which is being used in conferences in colleges, institutes, and universities, seeks to teach young people the consequences that real-life decision-making, such as cohabitation, can have in real life with a partner we barely know. But beware, you do not always have to go wrong. From a crush, meditated and enjoyed, also arise the most beautiful stories of love that, also, work.

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