The 10 Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Let's be honest, change habits or start having healthy habits is a problem, it costs a lot of work and a lot of dedication. But as Aristotle would say: "Good habits formed in youth make the difference."

The 10 Habits That Will Change Your Life
So while it will probably take you over 21 days for these 10 actions to become a habit, I promise you that all the benefits that you are going to bring with you completely outlast the sacrifices. I say it because I know.

Habit 1: Pay attention to your diet

Eating well is mandatory, it is a health issue. Having poor diet can lead to thousands of problems in the short and long term. I do not need to explain what healthy eating is because at the very least we all have an idea of what to do and what not to eat. In addition to having a healthy diet, it is also important that you keep an eye on the labels of everything you eat, many products have lots of sugar or ingredients that are very harmful.

Habit 2: No way, exercise DAILY!

You've heard it a thousand times, and you'll hear it one more time. Doing exercise, even if you hate it, has to be part of your routine. If you hate doing exercise, I recommend that you try all the possible classes, the trick to not have to spend so wrong is to find the type of exercise that you do like, there are thousands of options.

Habit 3: Time to Start Saving

No matter how the important thing is that you do it already. You can invest your money in something that gives you interest if that is very advanced for you. Another thing you can do is literally grab a bottle of two liters of soda, make a small hole and only put ten-cent coins (so that you Animes: some people say that in a bottle of 2.5 liters fit up to ten thousand cents).

Habit 4: Get used to being in touch with your family.

When you reach the age of 20, or if you are smarter than I am sure you will understand it sooner, you will realize that the family does play a fundamental role in your life, no matter if it is the blood or the one you built with the people you met in the way.

You will live incredible things, you will overcome a thousand challenges, you will break the floor, and you will realize that you can continue walking ... anyway, when you go through the good and bad moments you will need people who You have known since you were little. People with whom you do not have to explain because you already know.

Habit 5: Whatever you do, never stop exercising your brain

To use your brain, you can do many things, from core activities like using your less skilled hand, playing sudoku or doing crossword puzzles until you read a book or learn a language. If you're always stuck on your cell phone, do not worry, here are the applications that can help you: Luminosity, Brain Wars, Brain It On! And Peak - Brain Games.

Habit 6: The toxic! go outside!

This is very simple: anything that hurts you or is driving you away from achieving what you want is going to waste. Not only do I talk about things, but the toxic also includes friends, boyfriends, relatives, etc. ALL the toxic is gone. You do not lose anything, and you gain a lot so you can use the place that occupies in your life in something positive.

Habit 7: Use Time Efficiently

My friend Ivan has a cup (the one in the photo) that says "You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé," which means that the singer and you have the same hours a day. What am I going with this? If you do not have time to do something or see someone, it's not because of lack of time, it's a priority issue.

Habit 8: Stop underestimating the importance of sleeping

We start with the bad news, not enough sleep can lead to hunger, anxiety, poor memory, etc. Also, in the long run, can affect mental health. How many hours should you sleep a day? The National Sleep Foundation says that people between the ages of 18 and 64 need to sleep 7 to 9 hours a day. According to the same source, it is not okay that you sleep less than 6 or more than 11 hours.

Habit 9: Learn to say NO

Saying is not much more important than you think. It is typical to believe that telling you that not a friend makes you a sick friend or telling you that not a boss can cost you your job, but if you think about it, only people who know their limits dare to say no. Fear him.

Habit 10: Organize and think ahead

So you can take the other 9 patterns out, you need to get organized. The way I learned to do it is a thing called Bullet Journal, I leave the video for you to understand what it is about. And, well, the obvious: do nothing in life without thinking about its consequences and do not do something thinking that it will not have repercussions on your future, you are not 16 years.

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