7 Surefire Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back: What Should You Do?

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In love, there is nothing worse than breaking a relationship: Let your ex come and go, confusing you and not letting you be happy again. How to know, without a doubt, if she wants to return, what you must do and what you NEVER do if you do not want to suffer. 

Fortunately, some signs are unmistakable, and that indicate that your ex is ready for the second round.

7 Surefire Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back: What Should You Do?
In a significant number of cases, ruptures or estrangements are the important triggers for a couple to be able to analyze feelings for each other precisely. 
Time and distance make reality the saying that 
"You don't value what you have until you lose it," 
However, when you enter this love game, you have to be very careful, because confusion reigns creating a state of vulnerability in which you can get very hurt.

There are relationships that when they come to an end, they end. There are no unfinished things, no confusion, she disappears from your life, and he does it forever. However, there are others left in the limbo. Read on and discover the unmistakable signs that he wants to return.

1. Use social media

Pride is one of the worst enemies of love. Both men and women find it hard to admit a mistake, and it costs them even more when admitting error means acknowledging that you hurt the person who loved you the most, just to go try their luck elsewhere. But luckily, social media was created. If your ex wants to come back with you but is not encouraged to contact or tell you face-to-face, use subliminal messages in social media, commenting on how they feel alone. Sharing photos or moments when they were together, using quotes or photos with quotes that imply Who misses you but does not have the courage to tell you, out of pride and out of fear of rejection.
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2. Your Ex called you to inform you that.

Exactly, she has no real reason to call you, but still, find the least reasonable excuse to do so.
"I think I forgot a book in your house about a year ago, and now I feel like reading it," 
"I found one of your hair elastics in the car, I do not know if you want me to take it."
Chances are you're not going to read the book that "forgot" at home a year ago, and know that there is no need for her to come to your house to give you a rubber band. The important thing here is to differentiate whether she really has a REAL motive for seeing you or calling you, or if she smells an excuse from afar.

3. Try to keep alive the chemistry that was between you two

When she sees you, she magically notes absolutely everything that looks different on you. The new perfume, the hair, the clothes, she realizes everything that she did not pay attention to before. Also try to use a dialogue with things that were intimate in your relationship, "accidentally" call you my love, or use your favorite nickname. Try to look for accidental physical contact and make comments on how cute you look.

4. Your ex speaks well of the relationship you had in

This is one of the most visible signs that you can not stop thinking about the time you were together. She is so branded in your past that she is not allowed to get ahead. It idealizes the relationship that you had and hopes that one of all those people you talk to about you, will tell you what you heard. He wants you back, but she wants you to be the one to look for her and give her a new opportunity without being asked literally.

5. She is a new Woman

If you remember the time you were together, chances have you had a list of things you asked her to change (and never did). Suddenly she becomes the list of changes in action.
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6. It's Time to Take a Big Step

Even without telling you that she dies to return to you, she decides to leave her pride aside and apologizes for making you suffer. At this point, the only thing that stops her in telling you that she want a second chance is the fear of rejection.

7. If she left you for another, at this moment, she is your less grateful person

Every time she sees you, she remembers the mistake she made. If she did not leave you for another, even if she tries to get you out of her head by going out with others, she can not find peace in any relationship. In this situation, and in much more, you are the one who won; she is the one who lost you by choice.

But what should you do? Are you ready for the second round?

If you want to reduce the chances of suffering again, it is important that you take into account the following tips:

What to do when your ex wants you back?

1. Become Selfish

 The first thing you must do is to become the most selfish person in the world and just think of yourself. Analyze your feelings in detail (not your emotions of the moment) and try to see how you feel at the thought of being back together. Knowing that your ex is repentant generates a whirlwind of emotions, which does not necessarily love or deep enough to justify risking a heartbreak.

2. Let it work for you.

Be honest with yourself, do not justify what she did to you, nor make excuses to forgive her the moment she moves a finger. If after analyzing the situation you feel that you would like to give her a chance, let her win it. Don't be afraid, if she is not willing to fight to win your love and trust again, chances are she will just stay with you for a while longer and leave you behind.

NEVER do this:

Whatever the situation, NEVER return to her side as soon as she shows a minimum interest in you. That is the recipe for a resounding failure in which only you will get hurt. Remember that human beings have good intentions, and that's why we put rules, but once we break the law (that of leaving you and make you suffer), break another, it is becoming easier and more tempting.
NEVER manipulate the situation so that she returns to you. 
Although this may be good for your pride, it is not okay for your heart. If she returns to you after you have used "strategies" to manipulate her reaction, the end is stoned. Remember that love is not a game or business, you do not win by holding someone by force, love only wins when the two win. 

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