The secret to being happy without having a partner

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A new study states that single people are no more unhappy than those who have a boyfriend as long as they relate to friends and individuals around them

It has always been argued that singles enjoy much more of life than those who have a partner. The reason is simple: they are not tied to any compromise. However, there are also many others who despair of not having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

 The secret to being happy without having a partner
The debate would remain open for years if only because a study published last August 21 has finally determined that singles are just as happy as those who are in love. Of course, provided they meet a requirement: maintain healthy social relationships with friends and family.

The research was conducted by the University of Aukland in New Zealand and has been published in the journal Society for Personality and Social Psychology. In the study, experts seek to contrast some previous research that determines that single people experience less emotional well-being than those who are "involved in a love relationship," with those who consider having a partner is an endless source of pain and conflict.

Avoid conflicts

Thus, researchers at the University of Aukland interviewed more than 4,000 adults on two occasions and one year apart. The primary objective was to determine whether single people who avoided social conflicts were happier than those who did nothing to forget about these "hurdles."

The first conclusion was blunt: those who maintain healthy relationships with their friends and family do not appear sadder than those who do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend because they can focus on positive aspects of relationships. However, the opposite is true for people who are often 'in trouble.' And is that in this case if they are more taciturn if they lack a suitor.

Therefore, researchers have been able to establish that relationships are not only those that can make a human being happy (as had been discussed at other times), but that the friendships also produce a similar feeling. In this sense, they also consider that people with more social interactions are more likely not to be unhappy, as long as they tend to avoid social conflicts.

However, this research has failed to identify why some people tend to avoid stress in social relationships, although it hints that it could be due to a mix of predisposition, nature, and form in which they were bred. Be that as it may, the truth is that this characteristic helps them to be happy.

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