7 Stupid Reasons Why We Stay In RELATIONSHIPS That Make Us Unhappy

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We all know at least one couple in which the two constantly yell, fight, talk behind each other's backs or cheat when supposedly they claim to love each other. But if you mention that it would be best if they separated, they react as if you had shot them both.

Separate us? Why should I separate myself from the person I wish I were dead? Although deep down they wanted to, with such contradictory answers are actually saying: "I'm afraid to be alone."

7 Stupid Reasons Why We Stay In RELATIONSHIPS That Make Us Unhappy
A study by a law firm showed that the main reason that people do not separate or stay in serious relationships is the fear of loneliness, a divorce or not being able to have financial stability on an individual basis.

According to the study, these are the top seven reasons why people stay in an unhappy relationship.

1. Soledad

Richard Linklater, director of the movie Boyhood, said: "It's better to be alone than to be with a lover feeling alone."

Loneliness is a state of mind and can arise even if we are among a multitude. Staying in a relationship that makes you unhappy may prevent us from being physically alone, but it will not stop us from feeling that way.

2. Fear

We were not born together so we can survive without a person standing next to us all the time. Our nature has given us the necessary to live as independent people, if we are afraid it is because we are not accustomed to being on our own, we are not sure we can find anyone else. We prefer to settle for the unhappiness that we have to risk going out and looking for something better.

3. Guilt

If we are to a person only because we feel pity or fear of hurting her, in any way we will harm her because she will realize our tension and distance. Staying together will be a constant reminder of our absence.

4. Time

To say that we have spent much time in a relationship is not a valid argument. The time we spend together with a person is never a loss, since every year, every decade, is a learning experience. You need not be ashamed that there is an "ex" in your past.

5. Possessions

They may have properties together, but like a broken relationship, they can also be divided. Whether or not you are in a relationship, features should not become a burden, and staying together because of what you both possess is to ignore the issues you have pending between them.

6. Remorse

The feelings that accompany the transition from being in a relationship to no longer being in it can feel like guilt, as we are not accustomed to being alone. Not having anyone to send messages to or sleeping at our side are adjustments we can get used to over time. However, real remorse is what happens when we are halfway through life, and we realize that we spend all Time with the wrong person.

7. Hope

If it is not broke, do not fix it. If it is broken but has no repair, stop wasting your money and accept that you should throw it away.

For some couples who committed to marriage, breaking their vows is only possible when all is lost. In a relationship, you should evaluate how severe the problems are and if it is worth the effort to fix them. If you realize that you two are incompatible, do not think that the relationship will improve over time. It will most likely worsen your discomfort as you let it pass.

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