Love at Work: What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Falling in love with a person in your company can lead to harsh consequences. What emerges as a romance that in principle should not involve labor problems, in some cases comes to dismiss. So, we reveal the pros and cons of having a relationship in the workplace. 

According to a survey, more than half of the respondents (54%) felt that the romance in the office has no positive or negative influence on the work environment. 

Love at Work: What are the advantages and disadvantages?
However, so many people prefer to get into intimate relation with their colleagues. So here we decide to show you, what the advantages and disadvantages of having a loving relationship with a coworker might be:


  • Extra motivation: it can be beneficial to achieve the goals that are set in a company.
  • Help in complicated situations at work: a problem with a client, boss or co-worker. In this case, the support of the other person can be more than significant.
  • Better management of schedules: both inbound and outbound as well as transportation.


  • You can mix personal and work life, such as discussions or situations that move to work.
  • Vacation request in the same period: if you share an area or work in a small business it can be more problematic.
  • Some situation or discussion with a co -worker that may predispose the other partner to the person with whom the discussion was held.
  • Dispersion in working hours: excessive use of different applications of the cell phone or computer.
  • Work stress can hurt the partner or generate short circuits.

The survey also revealed that 9 out of 10 American say they had no romantic relationship at work. However, 65% say they know couples working under the same roof. Romantic relationships within the same workplace are widely accepted, with only 18% of them considering that companies should ban them.

In this same line, almost half of the respondents (49%) said that it is okay for couples to be as careful as they are in the workplace.

When asked if they believe that it influences the work of the couple in the same job, more than half (54%) consider that this situation has no positive or negative impact. As well as that, 63% believe that neither does any of the parties harm to tie with the other partners. However, 60% of respondents agreed that members of a couple should be placed in separate sectors.

How to manage romance

If passion arises in the workplace, human resources managers can try to control the situation. Several large companies questioned explain that they do not have internal rules on the matter because they consider it part of the personal sphere. Although a spokesperson for a human resources consulting firm recognizes that several companies request written codes to avoid, for example, that too much information flows from a superior to a worker, or there are distractions.

Diego Vicente, a professor at IE Business School, is not for these codes. "If love arises nothing happens. It should not be rewarded or punished. You have to put a vote of confidence in people. "For him, the best policy is common sense and stay within the legality.

"You do not have to wear the bandage before the wound. I think it is absurd to talk about favoritism in mature companies or to think that being in love does not give up, "he says.

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