An Open Letter To The Girl Who Thinks She'll Be Single Forever

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It's your life, you deserve to be happier, healthier, live longer. It's your rights to decide live alone forever or not. Before considering your choice, you should read this open letter to the girl who deserves better. 

You are not a helpless damsel or a spoiled little princess. You chose to be alone instead of trying to love again because it scares you to break your heart again. 

Many people continue to tell you in truth, trying to convince you, to return to the world of dating and enjoy the game, because you have been wandering the road of independence for a long time and someone needs to get you out of there. 

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Thinks She'll Be Single Forever
Don't get it wrong. Everyone needs to learn to be independent. Giving you time to be alone is healthy, but an utterly lonely life? Well, that's a different story.

It's great, admirable, maybe you can go out to eat alone at a restaurant, go to the movies alone or go home alone at night. You see this as one of your strongest characteristics, but in reality, it is quite the opposite. You got used to being alone and succumbing in your own puddle of solitude, so when someone tries to save you from drowning, you reject it.

You've gone through a very painful break, and your heart has broken thousands of times, that's why you've worked so hard to keep your guard up and show everyone how strong you are. You get up quickly after a terrifying fall. You show the people around you that problems must be faced, not fear.

You don't need someone to buy you things or take you to beautiful places. That you can do for yourself. But you certainly need someone to be there for you when your shoes fail you when you're too tired to kick so many asses or trample on the idiots. Someday you will meet someone whose arms will always be willing to help you because you can not carry that backpack and all that weight alone. Someone whose eyes will see the beauty in you in spite of the sweat, the dirt and the dark circles that you have accumulated.

Someone who knows that you are accustomed to being alone, but despite all your efforts to reject it, never leave. They manage to enter and surround your life, they carry you when you are tired, they make you laugh after a long day of work, and they understand you when you become stubborn.

When you meet someone who does, and this is all for you, don't run. Take that chance, accept the challenge of falling in love again. Benefit from that instance to be genuinely happy.

You can not be alone forever. You can not escape from love and stay in that comfort zone forever. You must go out on the courts, fall in love, disarm yourself, break your heart a million times more. You are a strong girl, why would you allow fear to consume you? 

I know you love your life as it is, but I assure you it will be better when you have someone to share your achievements with. Darling, having someone special in your life does not mean letting go of your independence. 

They come into your life to guide you, inspire you to work hard, and comfort you when you are on the verge of collapse. You need someone not because it is a social norm or because everyone has it, but because life is about that, a union between two people and sharing victories that are not only yours but yours. 

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