I broke up, but I want to get my ex back!

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Unfortunately, in love as in other areas, we do not always make the right decisions. Under the influence of anger, jealousy, or the desire to be alone, an infinite number of people decide to leave their partner almost overnight. Even if sometimes a separation is justified, the couple no longer understand each other, and the tensions are daily, it is not uncommon for most of these people to realize after the fact of their mistake and thus regrets the decision that they took.

I broke up, but I want to get my ex back!
"I left, but I want to get back my ex," this sentence is difficult to pronounce because we feel responsible for the separation and we say that our ex will not only want to speak to us but still less to return. Discover in this article, how to live this situation and especially to know if it is possible to get back the one you love despite your decision.

Do not let yourself be regretted, overcome by act right now!

Why did you leave?

To get back ex when one is responsible for the rupture, that is to say, when one is the person who has made the decision to break, it is not always easy to return to the heart of the ex. You have caused great sadness in your former partner or ex-companion, and inevitably, you have also created a form of resentment.

I am aware that it may be difficult to read and that you are expecting a coach who only tells you what you want to hear. But I prefer, to be frank, and honest with you to better prepare you for next actions to put in place but also to the unexpected behaviors that your ex will have to you. I don't want to make you shine that it will be simple and direct because in this type of situation you have to use indirect methods and therefore take your time, but the results will be at the rendezvous if you act correctly. Your attitude will be decisive, and that's what will make the difference when you win back. You're going to have to tap into your mental resources!

Your former partner will ask you for an explanation. Which is entirely reasonable, he/she is entitled to know why you have broken the couple that you formed but also and above all to know why you want to reform it by returning towards him/her. What happened during those few weeks or months of celibacy for you to change your mind? If your ex-needs answers, you must absolutely know the reason and explain to him.

I often say to men and women who wish to reconquer their ex to understand the causes of the break, except that in most cases they are the ones who have been left. Nevertheless, this advice may apply to your situation. You have to know why he/she has gone, including if it is a decision that has been made on a whim because, in reality, deeper reasons are also at the origin of this envy.

It was not the last dispute that caused the separation, but it was the small drop that caused the vase to overflowing. It is therefore also necessary to take an interest in all that happened before this little drop because the real evils find their origins there.

How can I explain my desire to return to my ex?

Although each story is different, we often find the same reasons for wanting to come back to the ex after breaking up. When there is a separation, it is often mistakenly thought that the one who makes the decision to leave is happy/happier, smiles all the time and that all goes well in their life. But that is not the case at all!

Even when you decide to leave your partner or man, you can feel sick and go through a period as painful as the one that was left. It is never easy to make such a decision. It is thus the two ex who lose their life of the couple, their habits of life in two. Celibacy affects you as much as your partner.

Sometimes this sadness becomes much too high and coming back with the person you love is the solution to this problem. The grief of love is not that in a sense!

"I have broken may I want to recover my ex " this sentence I heard it too often during my coaching or when I carry out your personalized and free reviews. I repeat regularly that nowadays men and women tend to end a relationship too quickly. Under the pretext of some misunderstandings, a temporary desire to be alone, you put an end to months or even years of romantic relationships. But I don't judge you, each one looking for his happiness and if you have made this decision, it is that you feel bad or that you were not fully blossomed.

Obviously, the life of a couple is not always rosy but there are solutions to your problem, and I insist on this point, in love you can implement actions that will have a formidable effectiveness. Again, I will be honest with you, it is not in a few days that you will save your couple but by acting step by step you will be able to make things change. The same applies to the reconquest of love, we must be patient to get there and all this done under proper conditions.

Another explanation that may justify your return, even if it is not something that is necessarily positive, you feel guilty of the misfortune of your ex-spouse, and you come back only to relieve it. Not because of love or envy, but simply by "pity." 
However, in these conditions do you actually live with a person not to break his heart? Do you think this situation is sustainable?

Sooner or later you will not be able to endure what will happen, and you will think first about yourself and your happiness, if you come back for these reasons, a next break will be inevitable. You have to get back for good reasons and because your feelings are ubiquitous.

How to recover my ex after having decided to break

If your ex is emotionally dependent your return will be very quickly because he/she will not be able to tell you no. This is the only case where the emotional need post-rupture can have a safe side. If your old partner regrets the separation and wishes to change, then everything will be settled in the simplest way in the world. If your man accepts your comeback even if you have made the decision to leave it and wish to live with you at all costs, consider yourself lucky or blessed because for some it is far from being So simple!

It is better to prevent than to cure, in other words, if you have the chance to read this article before making a wrong decision, focus on dialogue and try to save your couple rather than having to go through a reconquest in love. Put simply, recover your wife or husband rather than your ex!

However, if you have already broken, know that nothing is definitive and that there are always solutions to your problematic, your situation is not irrevocable. You can completely set up actions of reconquest in love (which you can, of course, find by browsing the other articles of this site) to locate the heart of your ex. The principles I am explaining also adapt to your situation. However, don't act too late, you have already made a mistake by not giving your couple an opportunity to overcome the hardships, so don't repeat it.

Now it's time to make the right decisions! Do you need an accompaniment? What do you think about? Let me know more by commenting below.

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