He is not the love of your life if he is not able to answer "yes" to these 5 questions

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What is love? How do I know if he is THE man? How do I know if this couple is the one I will spend the rest of my life with? Love is VERY complicated! So when we meet a man who makes us feel happy, we wonder if it's who we should be with.

He is not the love of your life if he is not able to answer "yes" to these 5 questions
Fortunately, Thought Catalog helps us understand whether or not it is the man of our life. If your beau is able to answer "YES" to these five questions, you probably found your soul mate:

1. Has your life improved since you first met him?

You are happy? Do you have a better outlook on life? Do your problems seem less complicated and easier to solve? Do you have more good days than bad ones? If all this is affirmative then maybe you found "the one."

2. Do you smile every time you think about it, every time or every time you talk?

 If you respond affirmatively, they are in love, and these are clear proof that they correspond to each other.

If you feel happy just remembering it, that is a proof of true love. If thinking about it makes your day better, if having it nearby makes you feel comfortable and happy, then you have found the person.

3. Can you talk for hours without getting bored or just doing nothing but still feeling comfortable?

 Sexual passion is critical in a love affair, but there are other equally important factors like that your partner stimulates you intellectually and vice versa.

As you grow older and your libido subsidies, a good conversation, and company will make your relationship stable. Love and friendship will remain until the end (not physical beauty).

4. Is it always for you?

 Can you trust your boyfriend? Have you been there when you need it? Is it someone who supports you, motivates you and keeps you on the right path?

It is true that in a love relationship people need to maintain their identities, but if he prefers to keep his space at bay, that man is not the one for you.

5. Have you been honest with yourself and allowed to enter your life?

 It may take a while for your partner to open fully with you, so no matter how difficult it is, to be honest with you, it will always be.

Every expression of love is unique. The way he loves you could be very different from the way you love him, but if you often question what he really feels about you, then we think you know the answer and just refuse to accept reality.

And if the reality is that he does not love you, then it's time to let him go.
You need a man in your life to love you with every atom in your body.
Do not settle for less.

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