Do you know if your partner checks your smartphone?

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Unfaithful partners are more likely to check smartphones of their spouse. The anxiety to know what your partner does out of your sight can lead you to take some attitudes that are not recommended.

Spying on a partner's cell phone is a frequent habit in dating. It is even a behavior in which both tend to incur, according to experts.

Do you know if your partner checks your smartphone?
According to a recent survey, conducted by a page of US citations, one in three people between 18 and 35 years would seek to review what their partner does during their dead times.

Specifically, 36% of the 2,000 respondents were willing to check their partner's phone number if it was in their hands to do so, but be careful not to be discovered. 

On the other hand, 26% in the case of those over 55 would prefer not to do so, a sign that, perhaps, over the years they trust the couple more or perhaps the subject is already indifferent. 

The results of the survey also pointed out that women are the most involved in this type of espionage than men.

Why do they do it?

Last year, a group of research psychologists at the University of Amsterdam conducted a study called "Why Do Couples Spy?". This pointed out that wives are more inclined to review the private information of their husbands than these. 

The study found that mistrust in the partner was the primary cause that gave rise to these behaviors, although it was not the only one.

"When the couple rarely shares valuable information, people perceive that the boundaries of the relationship are very rigid and the willingness to meddle in their partner's private affairs is much greater," the researchers say. They also mention that "ambiguous behavior" is often the cause of this uncertainty. 

Therefore, always advise being transparent with our partner, at all times, if we do not want you to start to suspect, even if you have no real motives.

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