Be Yourself, To Attract The Right People Into Your Life

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Many times we submit ourselves to fit into a mold that does not correspond to us. Seeking acceptance, waiting for the approval of others before ours, we are turning off our essence and with it, forgetting us more and more of who we really are.

It's hard to swim against the current, to break social, cultural and religious paradigms. Many times in our attempt to want to be ourselves, or at least to discover a little what is unknown to us, we are seen as rare specimens, as system errors, without considering that the normal, not necessarily the best.

Be Yourself, To Attract The Right People Into Your Life
As long as we care more about giving the image that more acceptance has, make us winners of love, a job, a position, recognition. We will be attracting to our life that which we project, where not to finish accepting us And therefore not to love us for who we are, to our life will come everything that tunes in that frequency.

It is enough to open a little what we really are, to listen to our heart, leaving aside our fears, self-imposed limitations, concern for what they will say so that we begin to experience an entirely different and different life in a positive way.

When we learn to externalize our essence everything miraculously begins to fit in, our purposes become clear, what we are passionate about seems to extend our hand to hold us tightly. opportunities are presented in the most timely manner and people who no longer fit our right "I" only move away, giving space for those appropriate in the new phase of our lives.

It is known that giving up something can generate some resistance, even when we are aware that "something" is inconvenient. We may feel the fear of loss, we may want to stay in our comfort zone and even resign ourselves to the fact that it corresponds to what we deserve. But it is necessary to give us the value we really deserve and take the steps that bring us closer to what we are.

Being ourselves is the only thing that allows us to guarantee that we will get the most out of this experience, surrounded by those who must be close to us along our journey.

Know yourself, reinvéntate if necessary, but never stop following the call of your soul that speaks to you from the heart, trying to guide you through the best of the paths for you.

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