Find Out If You're Ready For An Open Relationship

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She is going to study in Europe for a year, and he stays in Canada. In their last week together, they decide to open their relationship and allow themselves to see other people while geographically separated. Of course, no more than five meetings with people, close friends are not allowed, and it is forbidden to involve feelings.

The former is a real case of a couple who have just decided to try an open relationship. It is the first time that both venture to explore this modality.

Find out if you're ready for an open relationship
Now it is not so strange that someone close, communicate that he will try the honey and difficulties of an open relationship. There are those who get out and strengthen the relationship with their partner, and there are those who fail.


According to Durex sexologist, Marianela Arias, they are couples who have a stable relationship and are sentimentally involved with one person, but have occasional sexual encounters with others and have come to an agreement for this to be part of their Relationship.

This is different from a relation of friends with the right because in this case there is no emotional involvement and the two people are essentially friends who have random sexual encounters that do not affect their relationship of friendship.

It is also different from casual relationships, which are adventures of one or two nights, with a person who may be a complete stranger or not, but with whom there is no feeling at all.


There are those who are going to study abroad, while their partner stays at home. Others remain in the same country, even in the same house, but disappear some nights to see others. Some couples will tell all the details of their encounters with others, there are also those who prefer not to do it and not even know when it happens.

The key is to have clear rules. Arias explains that open relationships can be very successful, but for this, you need to be very sure and know that your partner is also very safe. The rules are put by each couple.

Problems come when one of the two gives into having an open relationship so as not to lose the other or to not seem too traditional and closed, but really do not want to. It is there that jealousy and insecurities arise and when this happens, the relationship is most likely to fail.

For the sexologist, this type of relationship works only if both feel good and share values. There must be comfort, confidence and good communication. Otherwise, there will be resentments.


Many things. If the couple is unsure or unaccustomed, there may be jealousy, and that creates mistrust. If there is no security, you could have intrusive thoughts of the couple with another person that will end up affecting the moments that happen together.

"No doubt, you will come across many negative comments. Telling the reality of the couple to a traditional thinking society is complicated. It is important to handle it in the couple and not necessarily tell everyone or agree at what time both consider it appropriate to talk about it. "


An open relationship allows for a lot of freedom. There is no fear of getting bored. If you have clear rules, being together is an option that you can decide because you do not feel trapped. Also, they are exposed to a wider concept of love.

"People who do it and do it well is because it is their way of understanding love. It is not necessarily a lack of commitment, as stated from the outside, "Arias concludes.

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