8 Signs You Are in a Dead-End Relationship

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Relationships usually begin with high hopes and bright expectations. The key is to not waste precious time hanging onto one that is bringing up more and more question marks. 

8 Signs You Are in a Dead-End Relationship
ace it. We’ve all been in one of those less than ‘happily ever after’ relationships. You know, the kind where your mother asks ‘how are you two doing?’ with the slight quiver of hope that you’ve actually broken up. Moms have always been good at recognizing dead-end relationships, even when we’re not. Here are signs that you’re sticking with a dead-end relationship, and it might be time to move on:

1. He’s Not Pulling his Relationship Weight

You know things have been a bit off lately, and you want to fix it. So there you are, waking up extra early to make him coffee or surprising him with a six-pack of his favorite beer, buying his favorite movie… and he just isn’t responding. You can’t tell if he didn’t notice or just doesn’t care, but it’s painfully clear that you’re the only one putting in any effort here.

2. You’re Taking Too Many Bathroom Breaks

You want more space. More privacy. You crave it so badly that you suddenly find yourself taking an extra-long time to powder your nose just to have a few more blissful minutes of alone time.

3. Miscommunication is the Key

You thought he wanted Chinese for dinner, but what he really meant was steaks and beers with the boys. Mixed signals seem to be a second language for him. If there’s too much confusion to make dinner plans, then don’t expect any life plans either. Speaking of.

4. The Future Looks Hazy

You’re saving up to travel the world, and he’s throwing his life savings at start up in his hometown. You want to be married in a few years. He doesn’t believe in the concept. Things don’t seem to be lining up here.

5. That Guy from Work Seems Nice…

If you’ve started wondering what it would be like to date other people. Nothing said.

6. Facebook is More Interesting

If either one or both of you is more interested in what’s happening to your college roommate on Facebook, than what’s happening each other’s’ daily lives, that’s an issue. Remember the last time he asked you about your work day, or you kept him company at the sports game?

7. If There’s a Problem, You…

You’re not going to solve it. He’s not going to solve. Not even Vanilla Ice will address this one. If no one on either end of this relationship is willing to sit down and actually talk about resolving your problems, then what else is there to say

8. You’re Not Happy

This one is straight from mom. If you’re not happy, then why are you still with him? Relationships don’t have to be to this agonizing and confusing challenge. You deserve to be happy, and frankly, so does he. If you can’t give each other the happiness you both deserve, then it might just be time to move on.

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