7 Things You Should Never Tell About Your Relationship

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Relationships work better when they're not exposed to the whole world! There are things you should never tell your partner, or let your partner say to you. Some things should simply be kept private! Take note!

7 Things You Should Never Tell About Your Relationship
1. When you are going through a sexual drought

You and your boy have not had sex in a few months. You're not sure why, but in a fit of frustration you tell your friend that she is the girlfriend of one of her friends. Your answer? "Calm down, we have not had sex either. It's been 4 months. "

While this can relax you a bit, she does not help you at all. These kinds of comments normalize a problem that needs to be fixed. Your friend is trying to help you, but she probably will not assist you because she's not trained in sex therapy. Otherwise, she will not give you constructive feedback.

"Your sex life is really private, and a lot of people are not usually completely honest about theirs, just to try to relate to the person they're talking to," Irina explains.

In the end, your friend's comments can make you feel better or worse about your problems, but you will not solve them.

What you have to do first is talk it with your partner and if you can not get to the root of the problem, visit a sex therapist to help them define what is happening.

2.  When your in-laws bother you

It seems that most have problems with their in-laws or in-laws, but Irina says you should try not to tell anyone about the problem. You never know if what you said will reach your partner's ears. This could make you feel resentful and defensive with your family.

You must understand that not everything is perfect. The best thing is that you look for a personal space to relax and then go to your partner with the problem, without fighting. So between the two can come to a solution.

3.  When your partner reveals your sexual fantasy

"Most of us have sexual fantasies that we do not feel entirely comfortable with; Is, in fact, a 'big deal' to lower your guard and share the most intimate part of your sexuality with another person, "explains  Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist. As her partner, Marin explains that she must honor that trust and keep that information private.

It may be tempting to talk about it, but stick around and keep that information to yourself.

4. When one of you is unfaithful

It does not matter if it was an emotional or physical horn, any act that has to do with you and your partner must be maintained between the two. It is super common to want to talk to someone else, and as they decide to stay together or separate, talking will make it more difficult for them to make up.

"When other people know about the situation, other than having to fight with your own feelings, you must combat the judgments of outsiders about your decision," Irina explains. Instead of talking to your friends, visit a couples therapist.

He will tell you everything you need to hear, and you can create a safe space for your emotions, without fear of being judged by anyone.

5.  When one or both are going through something private

If your partner confides in you something that is happening in your family, or a situation in which you are involved, keep your mouth shut.

When he entrusts you with this kind of thing, he is proof that he sees you as a trustworthy person who can handle the situation in a respectful manner.

Do not break that trust and tell someone else. Just listen to it and stay by your side.

6.  When you make a financial mistake

Making a mistake is rather embarrassing, but when it comes to money, it tends to become more personal, since finances can be one of the biggest causes of a divorce or a loving breakup, Irina explains.

Do not embarrass him in public, this error is personal and private.

7. When your partner has a different characteristic

Whether some part of your body does not smell well or has a relatively small penis, all these features should be kept private. If something really bothers you, you should just talk to him and tell him.

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