6 Reasons To Stay Alone After a Break-up

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When you crush dark black after a break, you are tempted to jump head first into the following relationship, trying to reproduce the intimacy and comfort of your old relationship. Or you may prefer to live an adventure without a tomorrow for not being alone. Here are six reasons why you should afford a period of celibacy before living a new relationship.

6 Reasons To Stay Alone After a Break-up
First of all, you should know that the length of your sufficient celibacy period depends on the length of your old relationship and the way you experienced the break. Then the thing is simple: you will be ready to live a new love relationship when you have managed to enjoy your own company!

1. You will become more demanding

The longer you are single, the more demanding you will be when you meet someone again.

For example, if you decide to do a detox week, you will not be eating a menu at McDonald's from the first day? Since you will feel bad about having cracked in such a short time. Decide, on the contrary, you will choose to eat a first nutritious meal and this, throughout your week, you will want to choose your food.

This is the same for romantic relationships: the longer you remain single, the wiser your choice of your future spouse, you will be more demanding towards him to no longer regret your decision afterward.

And yes, why decide to break your celibacy to surrender yourself with a moron?

2. You can focus on your career.

Our love life can sometimes be an obstacle to our professional success. By being alone, you will be amazed to see all the energy and interest you will bring to your work.

And if you're the kind to think: "My job is feared, I do not really have any motivation to work," your period of celibacy is precisely the right time for you to study the question! Maybe it's time to change jobs or think about how to flourish in your work.

3. You can resume your favorite activities

You may have stopped or decreased the frequency of some activities you liked when you were a couple. Now single, you can go back to reading, painting, dancing or other passion.

Instead of wasting your time and energy searching for a new adventure without a tomorrow or a shoulder on which to put your head to watch TV, do yourself good by doing what you love and even go further in your interests and passions. For example, if you enjoy reading a lot, why don't you start writing a novel?

4. You can stop the dating sites for a while

Rest assured, we don't think dating sites are bad. Naturally, looking for a life partner on the net can prove to be complicated.

You found "THE" ideal guy after fifty or more, mediocre appointments even downright horrible? Well, I think choosing to stay single time would be better for you.

Trying again even when reviewing your criteria "up or down" can lead to a new disillusion and you can end up with the broken heart again.

5. You may think of a retirement plan

Yes, yes, it's far-reaching! Do you have one? Do you know how you want to be in 20 or 40 years?

We are not financial advisors but you should know that thinking about your financial future when you are single will make you develop a real life plan and will thus have more respondent facing your future partner. Of course, as a couple, You will have to be open to compromise, but you will not choose to give everything to your spouse and take the risk of living the other's dream and not yours.

6. It's time to learn how to love your body

It is sometimes hard to love and accept your body especially when you are a couple, and you wonder "Does he really like my body?" What does he really think? And it is even more so when you have a partner who is not sure of him or who tends to remind you of your imperfections.

By being single, you can take the time to develop another way of thinking and making new lifestyle choices, looking for what is good for your body. Regarding food, sports, sleep (yes, Yes, what is your pace and ideal sleep time) and even sex (yes you are single, then place to masturbation). Once you have learned what your body needs, you can learn to love it with all its imperfections

You will gain confidence and self-esteem, which will have on impact on your future married life, you will no longer let anyone make you believe that you are "not well enough "And you can also help your spouse lack confidence.

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