4 Ways to Make Him Die For You

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When we smile, we look more friendly, attractive, happy and with confidence in us. Also, there are theories that say that the fact of smiling keeps us with good spirits all day. 

Studies have concluded that physical contact releases the hormone oxytocin, also known as "the hormone of love" and "the hormone of happiness."

4 Ways to Make Him Die For You
That's why Dr. Neuman tells us that even simple contacts like hugging or shaking hands strengthen relationships. 

1. Shows joy for life.

All men admire women who are moved by small things.
The passions that you have can love your lover very much, and they do not have to be great passions, it can also be just the happiness that causes you to go to your favorite restaurant or see a movie that you love.
Happiness is contagious.

2.  Have initiative.

Do not wait for him to make all the moves. A caress at the right place and time can make a man feel like you've known him for years. Being subtle is the keys.
Touch your arm playfully when you make a joke or place your hand on your shoulder while standing on one side of him. He will feel an instant connection.

3. Highlight your qualities.

Men fall madly in love with any woman who sees the best of him. Just be sincere in what you admire about him and do not abuse in telling him all the time how wonderful he is, you may think it's a lie, and you're probably overreacting.

4. Divide decisions.

On the first date it is okay to let him choose the place, but once you are there, be honest with what you want. When asked where they want to sit, you choose, and obviously also what you are going to eat.
That way you can show your tastes little by little, and you are not afraid to be yourself.

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