20 Ways to be happy and make others happy

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Being happy has more to do with your attitude to life than with the external factors that get out of your hands. It really is not as difficult as it may seem, try these 20 activities that can raise your satisfaction for life and help you make the people around you happier.

The happiness is not eternal and no show 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To be happy is to collect moments that take your breath away and to achieve it you have to make a conscious effort, but not impossible. Today we want to share 20 activities that can help you feel fuller and spread joy throughout the world. Try them!

1. Learn a bad joke and tell it to everyone you meet!

2. Clean your house and your office. Cleanliness provides mental well-being.

3. Write a love letter to a loved one without special reason.

20 ways to be happy and make others happy
4. Smile. From the beginning of the day be positive.

5. Help someone in some minimal thing. No matter what.

6. Send an email of thanks to someone who deserves it.

7. Call a family member or friend just to ask how he is and what he is doing.

8. Buy flowers and give them to your mother, mother-in-law or friend.

9. Surprise your partner with a homemade meal.

10. Buy a good book from a friend and dedicate it.

11. Publish a compliment to an acquaintance by social networks, with no greater reason than the pleasure of doing so.

12. Recognize your co-workers for their performance. You can also do it with your mom or wife at home.

13. Visit your parents without warning. Live with them more often.

14. The next time someone asks you for a favor, say yes without thinking.

15. Every time you see your partner say a simple "I love you." There should be no reasons.

16. Play more with the children. If you are at a family reunion, take a moment with them to play or live together.

17. Buy tickets for the movies and invite a friend to see a film that you know you will like.

18. If an office mate loves coffee, surprise him in the morning with your favorite drink Starbucks.

19. Live life as if you were 5 years younger. Have a young and enterprising attitude in everything you do.

20. Never lose your sense of humor and start by laughing at yourself.

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