11 Attitudes to Be Happy Today

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We all agree that we want to be happy, so listen to your own desires and not those that are assigned to you by others is part of finding peace now, not in the future. The way to reach the maximum happiness is within you. 

A person is happy when their natural disposition for life involves being content with things that currently work well and moving forward to improve those that still need an adjustment. Who calmly assumes the challenges of daily living, without resigning himself, but without trying.

11 Attitudes to Be Happy Today
In the end, happiness is an end in itself. Its importance lies in what each person understands by happiness and in the search for happiness.

Although it is not easy to conquer today because the criteria imposed by society are broadly impossible to achieve. This is ensured by María Patricia, a psychologist, executive coach and healer in spiritual bioenergy. "People are not able to see their inner magnificence because they are lost looking for the outside (success, money, beauty...). There is a great void in our Western culture because we have confused what self-love is. Gaps that we try to supply with objects ". 

The pressure exercised by family members and the rest of the environment can also be a drag to achieve happiness. In fact, according to coach Amador, some people do not realize their dreams because they think they will stop being accepted in their family, work or social centers.

Thus, being happy with what you are is sometimes a complicated task. You try to be in harmony with what you are, with what you have, but every time you turn on the television, you are bombarded with unattainable ideals of beauty, wealth, and erudition, so the risk to question the personal reality is very high.

One of the great dilemmas faced by a person in his daily life on the road to happiness is to elucidate when he is too demanding on himself or, on the contrary, that same requirement is depriving him of seeing all the good he has Achieved in your life. 

The only strategy to be happy with oneself is to establish what it is that one wants and to "begin to be what we truly are, without so much staging; Without so much facial, emotional, material makeup. This implies to stop making accounts of how lucky others are and start to realize all the good that each one of us has. 

1. Pills of enthusiasm

Know what you want. Happiness begins by being able to answer the question daily, what do I want today? And satisfy the needs that come with our solutions. It is imperative to ask simple questions, such as; 

  • What I want to eat?
  • How I dress? 
  • Reaching most sensitive issues: "Do I want this relationship? 
  • I want to go to that dinner business after having worked ten hours? 

Once made, You have to be consistent with yourself and put them into practice, "he says. 

2. Compose your goals for small accomplishments. 

Sylvia maintains that to be happy with oneself, one must know how to celebrate the small conquests that are being reached along the way. Appreciate the triumphs that have been achieved, Of the work and effort they have assumed, and to enjoy the moment before going for the next achievement. 

3. Be loving with yourself. 

Just as we are indulgent with the mistakes, flaws, and faults of others, we should be with our own. Dr. Afanador says that " everything starts with taking care of oneself, respecting oneself, treating oneself well. As long as I achieve all that, I will behave with the rest. If I am full of poison, I will treat everything around me with poison. " 

4. Seek happiness within you. 

For Doctor Afanador, achieving happiness lies in oneself. "May my happiness not depend on external circumstances. Happiness must start with oneself. " This ideology, he says, happens to believe in oneself, Enjoy what you are and give yourself the importance it deserves. We must avoid the misleading and unproductive demands of the type "should be, should have ..." 

5. Chase your dreams. 

Having the determination to achieve what is proposed, regardless of the opinions coming from abroad. Pedro Amador maintains that "you have to know your goals and mark actions to make them, being responsible for your own limits." It is, therefore, essential to be happy, to be able to cultivate illusions, he concludes. And fight for what you want. 

6. Think every night three good and pleasant things of the day. 

"Whether it's a song, taste, a talk..." "Our life is much prettier than we think (with problems and everything)," she concludes. "It's a lot of fun," she says. 

7. Set goals achievable, but ambitious. 

"If I propose something impossible, I am discarding in advance the possibility of success, but if I offer something very simple, I am telling my brain that I can not aspire more and I will feel depressed," explains Dr. Ramírez. Goals should be possible and stimulating, he adds. 

8. Transforms concerns into occupations. 

For Pedro Amador, "worries are emotions that are often difficult to control. The occupations can be worked consciously, And they allow us to set ourselves real goals until we achieve the desired result that makes us happy ". 

9. Do not stop smiling. 

"When you share your smile opens a world of possibilities around you, " explains Amador. Also, a smile is an infallible letter of introduction to the world. 

10. Stay away from harmful, toxic or gossipy people. 

As Sylvia explains, "a person who is always unsatisfied, always reacting to everything, interpreting reality on the darkest side possible, inevitably radiates that energy to his surroundings. A good company is more influential than we think. " 

11. Be grateful. 

With the surrounding environment, with personal reality, with loved ones, with life. Giving thanks for the things that make us happy is an act that helps us to appreciate what one is and has, maintains the psychologist.

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