10 Ways to Improve Your Marriage Instantly

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The real improvement in your wedding is possible, happens when you change your thinking process and changing your daily habits. Many individuals who hoped that the new year would bring them a better marriage have begun to lose hope of real and lasting improvement. It's time to give you good news. Real growth in your wedding is possible, but it does not happen when you make a New Year's Purpose... 

10 Ways to Improve Your Marriage Instantly
it happens by changing your thinking process and changing your daily habits. If you really want to build a stronger and happier union, here are some keys that will help you achieve the goal.

I have divided this list of 10 ways to improve, in five things you have to start doing and five more to stop doing (if you are doing). Before you get to the five things you need to start doing, I propose this list of five things that we should stop doing. We all have to remove some of these points to make room for better things.

Five things to stop doing in marriage

1. Pornography, eroticism or any other fantasy that involves someone other than your spouse.

The more I learn about the state of modern marriages, the more I am convinced that pornography, eroticism and sexual fantasy (which does not exclusively involve your spouse) is one of the biggest causes of disconnection in marriage and even reaches the divorce.

Pornography desensitizes us to experience real and genuine intimacy. Jesus taught that even sexual fantasy in mind is a form of infidelity. I firmly believe that your marriage would be better if you focused exclusively on your spouse. Struggle to be MENTALLY monogamous.

2. Friendships that speak negatively about marriage or even about your own spouse.

Your friends probably have a much greater influence on your marriage than you think. If you are going out frequently with people who do not have healthy relationships, your thinking at some point will lead you to some kind of dysfunction in your own marriage if you are not careful. Surround yourself with people who strengthen your character and your wedding and abandon people who try to jeopardize the commitment you acquired with your marriage.

3. Criticize your spouse.

Constant criticism is toxic to a marriage. You must be your spouse's greatest motivator, not your biggest critic. Do not think that the way you do things is always the best way. Learn to celebrate the differences of the other and build between them, instead of tearing each other apart.

4. The use of the word "divorce."

Remove this terrible word from your vocabulary. A marriage can not survive without the security of knowing that it is built on a commitment as solid as a rock; If you are threatening to leave, either secretly or vociferously, you are destroying the basis of the relationship. Committing to one another means that you remove the word divorce from the table and work together to resolve the challenges without giving up on yourself or your spouse.

5. Justify your faults.

One of the most important decisions that can be made in a marriage is to choose between defending your mistakes or doing something truly to start improving. If you are ready to stop defending your mistakes and start walking on the right track, then I challenge you, To begin with, the five things that I outline below.

Five things to start doing in your marriage

1. Make "time together" a priority.

Schedule time with your spouse either at home after the children are asleep or at a nighttime appointment. Turn off your phones and devices and spend "time together" every day in an uninterrupted conversation. Do not let your marriage get stuck In autopilot pretending to be in the same room, but in different worlds. Give yourself quality time to listen, laugh and learn from each other.

2. Make love (often).

If you only have sex when you both have "the mood," then it will only on rare occasions happen. Sex is a powerful gift, created by God Himself, to keep a husband and wife connected to a Physical, Emotional and even spiritual. Do not forget to give each other and do not make excuses. Make it a priority.

3. Remarks the positive.

For most of us, criticism is more natural than encouraging someone, but you have to be intent on pointing out the positives of your spouse. Praise him for the good things he's doing. Stop thinking about the negative and what You would like it to change. Build words that will help you become the best version of yourself or yourself.

4. Pray with and for your spouse.

As a Christian, I am a firm believer that every marriage is better grounded when it is built by Faith. Make prayer your daily routine. Attend church and regularly listen to Bible teaching to improve your relationship. That can strengthen your faith. This will make a world of difference in your marriage.


Stop procrastinating or give up your healthy habits because you run the risk of ending and not going any further. Of course, both will make mistakes along the way, but keep going.

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