10 Steps For Any Man to Fall at Your Feet (without exceptions)

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All women know techniques for a man to fall at their feet. Here is a short list of steps for you to achieve your goals.

There is a famous phrase, "Treat them badly and they will fall at your feet," it seems that some women have succeeded in conquering a man with unloving attitudes, there is even a book "Why Men Love Bastards," Sherry Argovsin, The author, speaks with a humorous tone. However, it is not the ideal way to fall in love with a man.

 10 Steps For Any Man to Fall at Your Feet (without exceptions)
All women have different techniques of conquest; you may think that I am talking about having a magnificent body, which you are in error, the inner beauty is more important than physical appearances.

Here I leave you a straightforward and practical guide that will make the man you love fall madly in love with you.

1. Enjoy being a woman!

It is about getting your attributes, goodness and optimize your image. It's time to dye your hair, paint your nails, remove the dress that you never use to leave it for special occasions, show those beautiful legs, make-up, even wear those sneakers that you like.

If you want to attract the look of men you have to strive to look feminine, remember that science found that people first fall in love with the sense of sight.

2. Let me give you an opinion!

Show security when talking, walking, in all your body postures, do not forget that safety is also reflected in the way you make decisions, trust you and love yourself as you are, without fear of what society will say.

Do not hesitate to express your opinions and feelings; it is time to make suggestions and make your ideas known.

3. Smile

Always, always smile, it is the best way to attract any man and make him surrender to your feet. You will project, joy, happiness, tranquility, relaxation, do it naturally, unfeigned and nervous, which can be counterproductive.

4. I discovered that you are good for

Recognizing the goodness, abilities, and strengths of men is a way to strengthen their confidence and self-confidence. Cautívalo with phrases "how smart you are," "those muscles have a lot of strength," "without your help, could not do it."

5. I value everything you do

It recognizes the effort that makes to be with you, to take care of you, to protect you and to watch over your well-being. Also, showing gratitude is a way to conquer them easily. Many times we overlook saying "thank you," "I value everything you do."

6. Share your tastes and hobbies

Even if you do not know very well the subjects that he likes, get involved in researching a little more, to enjoy and share unforgettable moments. Usually, men love sports, cars, technology, talk politics and music.

7. Unexpected details and surprises

A text message, a sudden call, chocolate or prepare your favorite food, will captivate your attention. Dare to get out of the rut and plan a walk in the park, a short trip or just go out to meet museums and so on. Do activities that leave life experiences.

8. Lingerie

If you want to conquer your man, always try to wear sexy lingerie, that you feel attractive and sensual. Not only to have intimacy but at all times.

9. Do not abandon your social life

Do not forget that you have friends and social events, do not make the mistake of ignoring them, for wanting to conquer a man. It is proven that while you go out and have fun, they are left with a small doubt and slight uncertainty of knowing about you. It is a technique used by many women so that any man falls at his feet.

10. Time to time

Not always available (make yourself challenging and desirable), you can even leave a reasonable period without expressing your feelings. This way you will let your imagination fly, and when you are with you, you will be more affectionate and passionate.

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