10 Habits That Are Killing Your Happiness

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Everyone wants to be happy. But often, we are the worst enemy of ourselves. Many habits and attitudes can steal your moments of happiness, discover them to no longer reproduce them!

10 Habits That Are Killing Your Happiness
If you want to feel happier, you must absolutely get rid of those 10 habits that prevent your happiness:

1. Criticize others

Criticizing others indicates a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. A way of being negative that has its impact on your own happiness and that of your loved ones. 
People who criticize or judge others only make judgments that they do not dare to recognize! For example, if someone treats someone incompetent, it is simply evidence of their own fear of being felt as worthless.

If you want to find happiness, accept the immaturity and shortcomings of each and stop judging others. Never forget that no one is perfect and that everyone works on himself to move forward and become the best version of himself.

2. Conceal your gratitude

Recognition is considered one of the shortest and fastest means to happiness, and the reverse is also true. Being ungrateful leads to personal misfortune and suffering. Even during the darkest days, there are still things for which you must be grateful.

If the practice of gratitude is something new to you, start with the little things. For example, if you only have 1 USD in the pocket, be grateful. To be happier and to stimulate happiness in your life, be grateful and satisfied with what you have, do not think about things you do not have or goals difficult to reach and continue to focus on. First, take a positive view of your life, and the rest will follow.

3. Addiction and Addiction

Recognizing your habits is important. Addictions can be manifested by the regular use of drugs or excessive consumption of alcohol, food or any other substance to feel excellent and avoid being fully busy in life. Many people are not dependent, but still prefer the use of certain substances, even drugs, to feel good.

If your quest for happiness goes through a few glasses of wine or a pot of ice cream every day, it's time to re-evaluate these (bad) habits to see if they bring you happiness, or you deprive them! Some people (who are not drug addicts) stopped drinking because they just consumed it to have a real time. Are in the same situation? I strongly recommend you to try to stop to see how you feel, it might work! You will feel free! This is the first step towards happiness.

4. Try to control everything

Often, we tend to want to control everything, thinking that it will give us a sense of security. But no one can control everything. Indeed, some things remain uncontrollably, which can frustrate you, make you unhappy and helpless. To regain happiness, stay zen and let go of the ballast.

On the other hand, your attitude and your reactions to certain situations are part of the things you can control, so think about being positive and react in the right way to attract happiness and joy in your life!

5. Blaming others

Humans tend to blame and accuse others of their own mistakes and wrong choices. According to Dr. Brene Brown, a social scientist, blaming is nothing more than a pain relief. When something happens painfully to us, most of us will automatically find something or someone to blame to ease the pain. Blaming becomes a way to reduce unhappiness and psychological distress. What is strange is that at first blaming can be effective, but its effectiveness does not last long.

Try to control yourself during your moments of sadness and pain and stop blaming others for your own choices. Challenge yourself and try to find the real cause of your problems, because ultimately you are solely responsible for your actions and decisions. Be more responsible, and happiness will knock on your door!

6. Not living in the present

There is only one place where you can be: the present! If you constantly think about the past and are lamenting your fate, be certain that you will never be happy again.

The past should serve you to draw the right lessons and move forward, not haunt you and stop you from giving the best of you. Likewise, the future is uncontrollable and beyond you. Don't think too much about it, reason, you may miss the best moments of your life: here and now.

7. Saying Evil to Yourself

We are often our worst critics. We know our weaknesses, our faults, and our pretexts. But speaking self-evil is one of the quickest methods to chase happiness.

Become aware of your mental chatter. What kind of silent speech is going through your mind? Replace this negative discourse with positive thoughts about yourself. Know how to give the best of yourself, love yourself in abundance and do not be ungrateful.

When you find yourself speaking evil of yourself, stop yourself and turn that discourse into the opposite: encourage yourself, say kind words and motivate yourself more positively, pretend to Speak to your best friend... You just have to love who you are, without complicating your life!

8. Not Being Authentic

You are unique and sacred. No one is like you, nobody has your originality or your creative power.

If you want to be happy, you must stop trying to be someone you are not. Accept who you are. Be unauthentic, try to compare yourself to others and act inconsistently with who you actually will deprive you of your own happiness.

9. Putting things back in the morning or the art of procrastination

When you put it on the next day, you do not get rid of it, you just create even more challenging and complicated tasks. Complete what you have to do and stop constantly postponing.

Classify and distribute your tasks to be done per day, per week. Organize and plan to avoid the snowball effect of procrastination. Sometimes the most annoying or unpleasant things are also those that must be made to be happy.

10. Do not progress towards your goals

Many things do not happen overnight. If you have a dream or a goal, the best way to achieve this is to set small achievable steps quickly and at your pace. Not moving forward and preventing you from progressing towards your goals can deprive you of the happiness of accomplishment. Take your happiness seriously and work hard while fixing your dreams and goals.

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