When It Comes To Self-Love, Practice Makes Perfect

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We have been taught to spread kindness, acceptance, love and care to others; were we ever taught to give these things to ourselves?

We have all heard a common phrase that lingers in our everyday lives; Practice makes perfect. This full phrase applies to many things that we face daily, and it is a choice we make to better ourselves.

When It Comes To Self-Love, Practice Makes Perfect
Practicing is something taught at a young age. We practice manners, language and the acceptable standards of our society. We are taught how to treat others in a kind way, and we can continue to do these things every single day if we choose to do so.

We are taught to be uplifting towards others and to never blatantly pick out one’s flaws, to appreciate their differences and see them for who they truly are. Judgment is not encouraged, and it is important to spread favorable opinion to our neighbors.

We have been taught to spread kindness to others, but were we ever shown to spread this kindness to ourselves?

I was never prepared to look into a mirror and lend myself kindness, consideration, and positivity. I was never taught to practice acceptance towards the reflection staring back at me; I was never taught the importance of self-love.

It makes no sense to have learned these things and for it to be so hard to apply them to one’s self. It’s troubling to think that we can uplift those around us but we struggle to accept who we are. We give the love we hope to receive, but we don’t realize that we need to distribute some of that love to ourselves.

In our society, the image of beauty is so subtle. We must obtain certain things to be considered beautiful, and some of these things can not just be obtained.

When will the beauty spectrum become broader?

Well, practice does make perfect, correct?

I apologize if you didn’t intend to learn anything from reading this, but it is time for us to learn something that we should all be taught to practice - self-love.

How does it feel when you make someone smiles? Make it your goal to make yourself smile at the beginning of each day. Compliment yourself, flatter yourself and admire yourself regularly. As you practice, you will see your confidence start to rise.

When you see or hear someone talking about what they love it gives you a deeper understanding of who they are. Always do what you love and appreciate the talents you have to offer in life. Practice exuding your talents to the world, and take pride in what makes you who you are; learn to understand yourself deeply and you will come to find purpose in yourself.

Like I said, we are taught to be kind to others. Surround yourself with people who practice this kindness and always offer them help to learn how to spread kindness to themselves. Practice kindness, and you will find yourself in the center of a positive environment that will help you to accept the service you are giving to yourself.

In a world full of difference, comparison always lingers. We are all unique, and there is no comparison. Never compare yourself to anyone. We must embrace what makes us different. Practice only comparing yourself to the past version of you; it is your goal to better yourself.

While practicing it is important to be persistent. Self-love is something that builds over time, and it is also important to be patient and kind to yourself during changes. This will take time, but always remember that the time is well spent.

Make it part of your day to let the ones you love know they are appreciated. During the hard times it is necessary to have people to fall back on, so we always need to be there for them as well. Practice lending positivity and kindness where it is needed, and you will see your reflection start to smile back at you.

Life is an ongoing ride, and there’s no need for unnecessary road blocks. The past is not something to dwell over, it is something to build from. Let go of the things holding you to a troubling past and promise yourself that you will do better. Practice leaving negativity in the past, and you will learn how to sprout goodness from the wrong.

One of my favorite quotes, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s always going to be someone who hates peaches.” We do not need to accept approval from anyone other than ourselves. This is your existence, and it is your choice to make it one that counts in your book. Practice support from yourself and you will feel invincible.

It’s never too late to learn a new trade. It’s not too late to look in the mirror and start accepting the person who is looking back at you. If you ever doubt yourself always remember that phrase you hear so commonly; practice makes perfect.

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