She left me in the middle of an ocean

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Not every relationship can get to the long last door. I'm always afraid of being alone. I was in bad dreams of losing my heart. Seems I was dying. Today I'll bring you another true love story that may hurt your heart but don't be panic, just be conscious if you love someone enough. I wonder how it feels when someone left us whom we love much? 

I was in xxx 2 when I meet this girl called Alisha, and we became close friends due to her pure heart and love for me, we became very close to each other, to the extent that people got to know about us as good friends. After the second term of sss 2, Alisha’s father was transferred to another state, and she had to move with her parent also. 

She left me in the middle of an ocean
But before then, her parent and my parent became close to each other due to our friendship, and that is how we became close as family. Unfortunately, when her father’s transfer came on board I was so destabilized because I knew for sure she will definitely follow her parent to where ever they were being transferred to, and that was what actually happen. 

But all these while I thought I was the only one feeling that pain, I never knew that her pain was even more than my grief. Before I knew what was going on she had been hospitalizing due to our separation, we might not see again, so Alisha was transferred to a far distance place where we lost communication totally.

As faith most have brought us back again, after two years later, I registered for jamb both the preparation and everything, I never heard from her since that time she was transferred. 
Fortunately, I was in the Jamb hall writing my exam. After the submission of our exams sheet, we were all rushing out of the lobby at the same time. And I was busy dragging the door with a young girl on first to come out, not known that, it was Alisha I was pulling the door with. After some time we decided to look at each others face. 
We where surprise at each other with tears on our face. As God may grant our heart desires we both gain admission to the same institution and we all both graduate the year, we now propose to marry after our Service year.

Proposed that lead to the breaking of my heart till today refusing to come back. I am still waiting for Alisha to get back from California. Some say she had an accident on her way to California camp why same are saying she bought the one-way ticket of not return.

They all concluded that Alisha will not come back again, but for me, we will certainly see one day.

Alisha, please come back.

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