Meet The Hottest Politician In The World

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Politics is often attributed with upright seriousness and hardly offers any scope to individuals with a more liberal way of living. However, Nikita Klæstrup from Denmark is an exception in this case.

Nikita Klæstrup was a member of Young Conservatives till 2015 and even contested the Danish Local Elections in 2013 for the council in Guldborgsund Municipality. She, however, lost the elections.

Meet The Hottest Politician In The World
When the blogger Nikita Klæstrup says she is fighting a feminist liberation struggle by insisting on the right to her own body, she has completely misunderstood what feminism should be about. That, at least the journalist Mette bird.

In an opinion piece in Politiken Saturday puts DRs former foreign correspondent in Brussels Mette bird not put your fingers in between when she hits out at internet personalities like blogger and rhetoric student Nikita Klæstrup, dancer and psychologist Louise 'Twerk Queen' Kjølsen and theology expert and model Ekaterina Krarup Andersen.

Nikita Klæstrup

On their Instagram and in traditional media can often see the three women posing in skimpy clothes and beautiful make-up. A somewhat different look than what we saw from feminist feminism.

Together they form what they call a 'girls squad,' and last year they told in an interview with Zetland that they were 'fourth wave feminists.' A wave is termed as being characterized by inclusion and humor. Together they use sexuality as a weapon in the gender battle to challenge our society's idea of sex and sexual morality, they explained.

'Sticking out with serious flaws'

But according to Mette bird is 'pile bangers and røvryst not the way to a meaningful and inclusive women's liberation.'

Among other things, she believes that it is paradoxical that Nikita Klæstrup is 'tired of being judged on its appearance' when 'she is doing very much to be judged on just that.'

"Innumerable are the great moments where tabloids have to drool the over the revealing dresses. She must love to see let a breast slip in flashlight. She just did not call it feminism, "writes Mette bird among others, and continues:

"In spite of myself even denied that one can learn from others' experiences, so there is little reason to, again and again, to start over with postulated innovations that really just is an easier cut deep plate. This new girls quad sticks out serious shortcomings when it thinks that pile of bright and røvryst is the way to important and inclusive women's liberation. "

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