Is Your Smartphone Running Your Relationship?

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A new study from Brigham Young University suggests that the excessive use of smartphones and other technology is causing ‘technoference’ in people’s relationships. 
Researchers interviewed 143 women in committed relationships and found that 74% thought that the frequent checking of a smartphone by a partner made communicating and other interactions with them involved.
Is Your Smartphone Running Your Relationship?
Sixty-two percent reported that technology interferes with their free time together and 35% said their partner will pull out the phone mid-conversation if they receive a message.
‘I was surprised at some people saying that this happens in their relationship every day,’ said study leader Sarah Coyne. ‘You are sitting there and kind of bored and check Facebook. It is almost our default to turn to our phones.’
The women who reported technoscience said they argued more with their partners and were more likely to be depressed and less satisfied with life.
Coyne stated that it is important to establish rules for the use of technology. ‘Just having the discussion about what's OK and what's not when it comes to devices at the dinner table or in the bedroom can help,’ she said.
She also recommends putting technology out of reach while having alone time with your partner. For example, put your smartphone in the other room to resist the temptation of checking it during dinner.  Coyne also recommends couples turn their devices off while they are in the bedroom.
Long gone were the days whereby all we needed were food, water, and shelter. As the lines between a ‘need’ and a ‘want’ become increasingly blurred in contemporary society, the smartphone is now increasingly considered a necessity in everyday life. In fact, according to an article published on the into a mobile website, a survey conducted in the New York City revealed that 51.7% of the respondents would rather lose their wallet than their smartphone.
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