5 Reasons to Consider Divorce Mediation for an Amicable Divorce

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Those who have been in love will definitely agree on one thing – it is never easy to let go of the person you love no matter what the circumstances are. Ending a marriage is painful, but the consequences that follow the decision can make the situation all the more difficult.  Before you throw away the gift of commitment you have cherished with your spouse for years and replace it with weeks of confrontations in court, do consider a more intelligent and flexible alternative to an amicable divorce – divorce mediation.

5 Reasons to Consider Divorce Mediation for an Amicable Divorce
1. It’s Quicker and Flexible

Court proceedings, fighting over money, and settlement of conflicts can stretch for weeks. When neither party is willing to compromise, it becomes more and more difficult to discuss the divorce on a neutral, common ground. Instead of turning your hurt and anger into something that damages your perspective on love forever, try to talk with your spouse and reach a mutually beneficial decision to end the marriage with an amicable divorce. Yes, it’s difficult, but not impossible.

2. It Saves You Money

Did you know that the total cost of a divorce, from the court sessions, attorney fees to legal documentation, can go up to $20,000 per person? And regardless of how much you spend, there is no guaranteeing that the final decision will be in your favor.

All this can be avoided with divorce mediation – where you not only save a bulk load of your hard earned cash but also get to discuss the situation with a calm, positive and mature stance. The decision to go for an amicable divorce not only saves you money and heartache today but also lets you take an active step towards a happier future.

3. It’s Easier on the Kids

Children are, unfortunately, affected the most when a marriage ends. Bitter fights and feelings of hate and revenge can drastically influence her son's thinking and future, and forever change their perspective on love. Divorce mediation helps you connect with your kids on a more personal level and gives you the time and space to explain the situation to them. Plus, they have the satisfaction of knowing that their parents are at least trying their best to end the conflict on a positive note and are parting as friends.

4. It’s More Private and Confidential

Why take your private matters to court for the world to hear when it can all be settled privately in a closed room? Public confrontations and cases are not only hard to you but also humiliating for your kids. An amicable divorce, on the other hand, is private and confidential. It is easier to propose solutions and discuss arrangements in a controlled, positive environment without any heated arguments.

5. It’s Better for the Bigger Picture

Raised voices, opinions flying and angry retorts are standard in a courtroom divorce, and this trigger in emotions does not do anything in making the final decision more feasible and less painful for you. No matter how much you try, it is easy to falter and lose track of the conversation while discussing the split which can often lead to resentment and emotional damage. Instead of fighting and bickering, divorce mediation under the supervision of a trained professional can help in acknowledging each other’s feelings without making them overpower you and influencing the final decision.

Don’t let your emotions take control of your life. Make a mature decision to start over with divorce mediation and get an amicable divorce finalized in just a few hours.

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