10 Ways to Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Words

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Looking for a way to make the right impression on your crush? Be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.
So there’s this guy that you’ve been crushing on. You don’t want to tell him you like him but you’d like to hint to your crush that you like him. Telling him is just too bold, and you’re afraid of rejection, so of course, you’d rather sort-of-subtly hint to him that you’re interested. Here are just some ways to hint to your crush you’ve got a crush on him.
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Ask him questions

10 Ways to Hint to Your Crush You Like Him
When sending a text, message or DM, make sure you ask them a question at the end. This will ensure that the conversation flows as you will have a constant back and forth. It will show that you are curious and want to know more about him and he will feel more confident asking you questions back.

Play game with him

No, I don’t mean mind games. Literally, play games with him. Video games, board games, or computer games. It may not be something that you’re usually into but showing interest in his games will win you points. Playing the same games as him will allow you to keep in touch with gaming. Since most guys will ignore girls when they’re gaming, if you’re playing with them, they can’t really avoid you. Who knows, you might even grow to like it.

Laugh at his joke

However lame they may be, just laugh. Or when someone else tells a joke, look in his direction and laugh. Constantly smile at him and laugh when he’s trying to be funny. It will make him feel better, and he will see it as you trying to boost his confidence. He will appreciate that you laugh at his lame jokes and like you better for it.

Find opportunities to touch him

Regardless of who is around, find a way to be near him so you can casually graze against him. Somehow always end up sitting beside him or standing beside him. Find reasons to rest your head on his shoulder or let your legs touch. Fix his collar or hoodie strings or remove a stray hair that’s just sitting on his shoulder. Just find a way to touch him, even in the slightest way.
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Make frequent eye contact

When he’s talking to you, look into his eyes. Practice smiling in the mirror, so you don’t end up having crazy eyes. Look at him with love and endearment. Hang onto every word he says. Smile. Nothing is worse than making eye contact but having RBF.

Put effort into your wardrobe

Dress to impress ladies. Wear something that makes you confident. Wear something you feel good in. Wear something that will get him go “wow, you look beautiful.” Putting effort into your wardrobe shows that you care about how you look and lets him know you care what he thinks too. Also, experiment with different perfumes to see which one he likes so you can wear it when you see him. It’s all about the little details girls.

Find excuses for hangout

Always find a way to see him. Even if it’s only for an hour or two. Ask to study or eat together. Think of stuff you think he’d enjoy and then invite him to do it. Find a common interest that both of you can do together. It shows that you pay attention to what he says and acknowledges his needs as well as your own.

poke fun at him

Make fun of his weird quirks. Tell him the way he eats his sushi is weird. Tell him he laughs weird but in a cute way. Always find a way to make him question why you’re friends. Poke fun but don’t overdo it. Guys can be sensitive too. Make sure you locate the balance by boosting his confidence every once in a while. Take his side every now and then

Watch the shows he likes

If he’s watching a new series and recommends it to you, look at it. Or at least try to. Watch it so you can have something to converse about and to show that you’re interested in what he likes. He will be surprised when you reference something from the show or bring up an important flaw in the scene. It could also help you determine if you guys are a good match. If you like the same shows, it could be a good indicator of your compatibility.

Meet his friends

Try to meet his friends and make them your friends. When your crush sees that his friends like you, he might start to like you more as well. Work your way into his friend circle. Even if your crush is oblivious, his friends are bound to pick up on your crush on him. Maybe one of them will tell him you like him and this will save you the trouble of giving him all of these hints.


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