10 Signs That he is Madly in Love With You

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If after several dates with the handsome you love, you don't know if he really wants you for something serious, quiet. This happens to all women in the world. The truth is that men tend to be more reserved and take the time to show their feelings. However, they give some signs that they are in love.

10 Signs That he is Madly in Love With You
Here are eight points to evaluate:

1. Find you anywhere

Whether you're in the middle of a crowd or alone, he'll always be able to get you. 

2. Show interest in your personal tastes

When a man is in love, he shows interest in the things that you are passionate about and seeks to share them with you.

3. cares about you

Men are naturally protective. And when it comes to the beloved woman they become faithful bodyguards. They want to know your health, take care of your food, support you in the university jobs ... whatever. They are always aware of everything that happens in your life.

4. Praise you

When a man is in love, he ends up proving that by the look and also by the words. If he always makes you feel good and exalts your virtues and beauty, you can be sure that he loves you very much.

5. It makes you feel special

Even if you are at a party, at an event or in a public place, he will not fail to listen to you. You will always be the most important person in the place.

6. Eyes shine

The eyes never lie. If the look of him is dry and lifeless, forget it. But if he looks at you with bright eyes, he smiles and tries to touch you in some way, there is no way out: this man is all yours.

7. Time

As much as he has to work, study and solve a thousand problems, he always has time for you. Even if they are only seconds, he answers you, answers you and calls you.

8. Sincerity

Men in love are sincere. They avoid lies and always seek to be transparent. 

9. They Are Curious About Your Day 

If he truly cares about what’s on your mind, how your day was and how you feel… it’s a major, major sign he’s madly in love with you. For real. When a guy isn’t in love, he could give a crap about what you have to say and would never want to just listen to you talk. If he’s genuinely curious, though, and listens (truly listens) this is a HUGE sign he can’t resist you… he’s in love. It also builds a genuine connection and plants the seed for an amazing, happy, healthy relationship.

10. They Trust You

This is pretty much the biggest, most important one. Trust means you genuinely trust the other person and don’t feel the need to go through their belongings, constantly speculate on what they’re doing or not doing and open up their heart to you. So if he tells you private things about himself, doesn’t feel the need to go through your phone and constantly investigate every little thing you do… it most likely means he trusts you.

Trust is about letting someone in completely, being the person they can confide in when the rest of the world seems scary or overwhelming. If he comes to you when he’s sad, frustrated or overwhelmed, it’s another MAJOR sign he trusts you. Men only talk to women they trust about deep, private, sensitive issues.

And remember: trust is the most important building block for love – and a huge sign he’s into you. It’s important that you return the favor, and trust him until he gives you a reason not to.

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