Break-up Spotting: Reality versus your Insecurity

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In love relationship what's the reality you faced during your ex-love? Did you felt unsecured with your partner? Would you like to marry your partner in such situation?
I want to take a second to broach a topic that is very dear to my heart. I know that my posts often come off as diatribes or rants, but I have been in this particular situation many times and feel its is important to discuss. 

We have all been in a relationship or two; relationship being defined as a relationship that ends badly goes down in flames or negatively impacts your life and the lives of your children for generations to come. 

Break-up Spotting: Reality versus your Insecurity
There are a lot of fucked up people out there, and chances are you have dated more than one of them. (I know this because more than one of you have dated me). Maybe someone cheats, lies, or philanders. Maybe someone leaves without explanation, kills themselves, or (even worse) votes Republican. Everyone out there is dealing with all of their own shit and the sad truth is that sometimes they take it out on us.

In any given situations, though, there are two distinctions:

1. What actually happens.

2. The story you tell yourself about what happened.

So if a guy cheats on you, in your head you build this story about how he is a horrible person, you aren’t good enough, and every man will cheat on you for the rest of time. Most of these assumptions stem from your own insecurity. What actually happened, though, is that he was horny and he slammed it in someone else’s claim. These two distinctions are not the same.

In truth, it doesn’t matter what happens to you. You will survive. But to survive well, you have to think about what actually is going on in any given situation, as opposed to what you are making it mean. Then, you have to understand that everyone in this world is running around with their own issues to deal with, and sometimes good people do bad things. And bad people do good people. And bad things do wrong people.

I am confused.
The point is that nobody can make you feel anything, or think anything negative about yourself without your consent. Cut the drama and all the stories and look at the situation from an unbiased perspective.

And then move on.

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