Changes Faced in Relationship After Marriage

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People get married for a wide array of reasons and have all sorts of expectations of how marriage will change the relationship. Married people reveal what actually turns after the wedding.

Changes Faced in Relationship After Marriage
Looking for an adventure? Find a girl and marry; there will be uncountable adventures to follow. Life will take a roller coaster ride; enjoyable or not, that will be accurate for every couple. We tell you about some changes that you will see in your life from the moment you wake up after your first night. Adapting to these changes; well, that is a choice we leave up to you.
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Your time and personal space are now shared.

If you love your own space and like spending some alone time your ride is going to be full of turbulence. With your spouse being there in the same house, you will be bound to share your time with him/her, and even your spouse is not wrong about this. You are sharing lives now; you ought to do this too.

Advice will be to adjust your working hours accordingly if you want some time alone at the house.

You add a new family to your life.

You have an additional mother, father, brother, sister; you have a new family to look after. Some may like you, some may adore you, and some may even be rude to you. But you got to keep up with them and please them as they are an inseparable part of your ride.

A small tip: Keeping your mother-in-law happy will win you most of the hearts in your new family.
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Home is no longer just a dream

Home is not a ‘one day’ kind of daydream, but your reality. Previously you could pretend you’d live in a scandal-inspired minimalist flat which was always tidy when you were grown-up.
But you are now grown up and married, and you still live in a slightly run down place furnished with an eclectic selection of inherited furniture mixed with a few wedding presents, and you still always need to tidy up.
It is hard to realize that ‘grown-up’ is along the lines of ‘tomorrow’; definable but never actually reached. On the positive side, you’ve two of you to pay the rent/mortgage and bills.

You need to involve your spouse in your goals and desires.

Now that you have a spouse, both of you need to be coherent in your future planning. Your aspirations and goals need not hamper those of your spouse’s. Collective decision making and compromising on what is best for both of you will have to be agreed upon.

You have to get organized and change your habits.

Everyone had a dirty closet in their cleaned out room. And that will no longer be hidden from your spouse. You both might have different takes on cleanliness, and the one who lives messy has to change for good.

Your finances have to be managed well now.

Unnecessary spending has to be stopped, and the cash has to go to the banks. Now you need so save for your future. You both will have children soon, and expenditures will always be going up. So money needs to be held tightly now.
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Every day (unless one of you is away) starts and ends together. You co-exist in your household. You most likely get ready to go out together and come home together.
Getting ready is more structured, sharing the bathroom, arranging the babysitter or arguing over why you left so late. That feeling of butterflies when you first lay eyes on each other when you came from separate places has gone.

The upside is that you now never have to have the ‘your place or mine’ discussion

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