10 Extreme Romantic Things to do on Your Honeymoon

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Being the first trip with your wedded husband or wife after marriage, the honeymoon is always special. Happy honeymoon to both of you, hope you two live happily ever after!

A honeymoon is indeed one of the most special times of your life and to make it memorable you just need to go the extra mile to add some quirkiness to it. Romance is the ultimate goal of any great honeymoon but a romantic honeymoon can look dramatically different from one couple to the next. Try out something new and different, making your honeymoon the most amazing travel experience of your lifetime together. 

10 Extreme Romantic Things to do on Your Honeymoon
Check out these 10 tips and make your honeymoon amazing and memorable.

1.Pick a great location to visit

Selecting a good place to go to for your honeymoon is, of course, one of the most important things. And that heavily depends on the budget. There are a lot of exotic and romantic destinations throughout the world. Choose the one you like the most and what fits your budget. Most important is spending time alone with each other and deciding on some real romantic things to do that will make every moment.

2.Check in on a Special room

It will be easy to take the romance to another level if your accommodations feature with all the special amenities. Most hotels have different categories of rooms. They have rooms that are truly special and worth considering for a honeymoon. So, find such places and check in with your partner.
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3.Keep surprises in your bags

Pack little secret presents for every day of the honeymoon and present them to your new spouse at just the right time. Buy some new clothing and lingerie to surprise your partner with on your honeymoon. Unexpected gifts and gestures can be extremely romantic. Whether it’s a handwritten letter, wedding picture, poem, or jewelry, the extra thought and effort say a lot about your mutual affection.

4.Go for Couple Spa Sessions

A rejuvenating spa session will certainly be a memorable and romantic honeymoon experience for you and your significant other. You can book a long session so that it takes up the entire evening, and then cuddle up together once you’re both relaxed and rejuvenated.

5.Do outings

Choose a place and agree on things you would like to see and do as you are not going to just stay in the room and make love. Choose one of the most romantic spots in the area, pick out local food and drink and have a picnic like the locals would.
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6.Plan a Romantic Dinner

There may be nothing more romantic than an amazing meal with your partner on a romantic place. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner on the balcony of your hotel room and continue with the fireworks our on the balcony for a bit of added spice and excitement.

7.Try New things

One of the greatest tricks to have a romantic honeymoon is to be open to trying something new. Try a type of food you’ve never tried before. Try a new ride if there’s an amusement park somewhere near. Try a new sport. Go bungee jumping or skydiving. Fly in a tandem paraglider. Do something you’ve never done before and you’ll remember it as a fantastic thing you’ve done on your honeymoon for the rest of your life.

8.Add to Romance with these things

Make the mood by adding little personal details like scented candles, chocolates, bath salts, fresh flowers etc throughout your honeymoon. Take along some of your favorite music and have it playing softly in the room.

9.Capture every moment

Take lots of pictures whether it’s secret shots of your partner caught in a candid moment or selfies together. Just don’t forget to have a camera on hand at all times. The memories will help you re-live your honeymoon later.

10.Let the World know

Be open about the fact that you are on your honeymoon and you will get an entirely different service experience, whether it’s from an air hostess or in your hotel. It can get you discounts, upgrades, or maybe a table with a better view at a seaside restaurant. Just make sure you’re not that annoying couple who can’t keep their hands off each other in public.

Your honeymoon is the best time to spend quality time together and at the same time imbue it with loads of fun.One of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon is to spice up every moment with some element of surprise.

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