Why Should I Get Married? It's Just a Compromise on a Piece of Paper

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Build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship by getting married. Marriage makes a relationship divine. Getting married means that something bigger than both of you is bringing you together. A wedding achieves something that simply can’t happen otherwise: G‑d is introduced into the relationship.

Unfortunately, the world is moving further away from moral purity and moving toward what is right in its own eyes. One of the symptoms of moral decline is the increasing denial of the need to marry.

Why Should I Get Married? It's Just a Compromise on a Piece of Paper
First of all, we need marriage because God told us that we should get married. Marriage is not only for the benefit of the couple, but also for the benefit of the children. When a husband and wife are engaged in a public pledge to remain faithful to each other, to remain devoted to each other in sickness and poverty, the marriage bond is much stronger and the same is of vital importance since marriage is the Foundation of society. It is the solid foundation of the moral development of children and the place where fidelity and integrity are lived in the lives of their participants.

If a man and a woman live together without the benefit of marriage, they are saying that God is not right and that marriage is not necessary. If they have children out of wedlock they are risking their children's morale and emotional health as their children will learn that particular ideals, self-interest, and selfishness are more valuable and important than moral integrity. They will learn that personal preferences are of more value than the benefit of the other. They will learn that selfishness is the model by which to live since the sacrifice of surrender to a person has not been realized.

In addition, children need safety and instruction. Marriage helps to secure family ties; Therefore, will provide a safer environment in which children will grow so that they can appropriately learn moral and integrity as they enter society as adults. After all, those parents who do not value the value of marriage tend not to value delivery and children will not grow up in a place where the parents have not compromised one another.

Moreover, marriage with its promise of fidelity helps to ensure health through the prevention of venereal diseases. Marriage helps ensure the very sanctification of the spouse-wife relationship since marriage is a full-time public statement. This helps establish a foundation in the relationship, while living without marriage in a simple commitment of speech or convenience can not have true trust. If for some reason it is not convenient, then the couple can easily end; With children or without children.

Marriage is not just a piece of paper. It is a promise to live together faithfully, even to death, against wind and tide, disease and health and is a benefit for children to grow in marriage. Marriage is a manifestation of God's blessing.

Marriage is more relevant today than ever before in history. Marriage used to be a given. Now it is a choice. All the old arguments for marriage have fallen away, and we are left with only one true reason to get married. We can finally get married for the right reason.

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